MapleStory Mesos – Maplehood Watch

Enter the maplehood and be rewarded with valuable items like: platinum scissors of karma, miracle circulator, red cube and more!

In order to start the event, just simply accept the quests given called ‘not in my neighborhood.’

The event is pretty simple. There are monsters lying around the neighborhood and all the players have to do is kill these monsters to earn the rewards.

In this event, each day is special. Each day the rewards are special. Tuesday would be gachapon day; Thursday would be beauty day; Saturday would be enhancement day.

It is kind of surprising that maplestory is not having an emergency maintenance or announced maintenance. Probably, something is bound to happen soon. They are probably preparing for something.

MapleStory Mesos – Gachapon Day

Gachapon day is luck day. This is a fun event because players are hovering around the neighborhood looking for monsters to kill. This kind of scene is refreshing. It is like being a kid once again and looking for a four leaf clover. And the four leaf clover is the good item that will be coming from the gachapon.

On Tuesday, only a maximum 5 tickets can be accumulated by each player. Double click these tickets to get the item. It could be fafnir sets, empress sets, chairs or even high quality and fantastical androids.

Beauty Day

Beauty day is cosmetics day. This day is dedicated for players who are tired of their character’s face or appearance. In this specific day, they can change their hair or face!

Enhancement Day

This is the day that players will stop buy mesos.

This day is probably the most important day. It is enhancement day. And successful enhancement means maplestory mesos. People who love money will definitely not going to miss this day. They could miss beauty day or gachapon day, but not enhancement day!

In the enhancements day, players may receive: platinum scissors of karma, miracle circulator and red cube.

MapleStory Mesos – July Update

With the new update, players are potential to accumulate tons of maplestory mesos and some new folks will start to buy mesos.

Finally, maplestory is getting mouthful of updates after rained down by tons of maintenance. In this new update, there will be a featured new class, new content, events, double experience points during week end and more!

It has been a while since maplestory announced something that will entice its players. All they announced recently in their news hub are scheduled maintenance. It is more like maintenance diary than a news hub.

The featured update of July is the new class “blaster.” And this class goes with the story that the folk who will be able to help the heroes to defeat a certain bad guy.

MapleStory Mesos – Blaster Overview

The blaster class is heavily equipped with area of effect damaging skill that would destroy everything in the character’s sight.

His equipment is a two handed arm cannon and explosive charge as secondary.

The blaster class is considered as a warrior class.

According to developers the mobility of blaster is medium which is neither slow nor fast. As a warrior type class the blaster has tremendous amount of HP and a low MP pool.

Act 3: Unfamiliar World

Journey to the unfamiliar world alone or with friends with the level requirement of level 33; however, the recommended level is 120. If you are below the recommended level and insist to enter, you may do so but it is not going to be a war in the unfamiliar world, but a massacre.

Upon clearing Act 3 once, the player is rewarded with 7000 honor experience and Mercedes Cube Chair (untradeable). And there will be more rewards upon completing Act 3 twice.


Is it mouthful? Nobody think so. This update is going to be completed by dedicated players.

In conclusion, this update is insufficient. Developers should release more contents that would entice the mapleworld. A character with smoke exhaust in hand won’t do.

MapleStory Mesos – Vast World

Maplestory mesos is meaningless in the official server. People buy mesos here and there.

The vast world of maplestory is both an advantage and disadvantage for its players. It is so vast that players are addicted to explore the world and at the same time it is so vast that new players are overwhelmed to even play the game from scratch as they might think that this game would take years to understand.

Now that maplestory is explored by its players, tons of guides are all over the internet which makes the vast world accessible to anyone who is going to start their adventure in the maple world. However, what excitement does this vast world offers when all stuff are already revealed, information are waiting to be checked. Don’t check the web? That is ridiculous!

MapleStory Mesos – the Market

The market is even bigger than the world of maplestory. It is where everything revolves around.

If you want to become businessman, play at the main server of runescape. It is going to teach all about business, not the world of maplestory. If you want to learn about maplestory itself, play in the reboot server where trading stuff are not allowed, for immersing experience in the maple world.

The thing about the official server is, it is very old that it might die any second now. It is world where the market is the world of players not the maples world itself.

Official Server

The official server, at its early days, is one of the best MMORPG community of all time. However, as time proceeds, the market starts to take over the adventure of players, making it the center of everything, forgetting the existence of the maple world.

Try playing in the official server as new player. You will see that the world is almost dead as majority of players dwell in the market.

Reboot Server

Reboot server features pure adventure. The trading factor is disabled so that the market would not interfere with the adventure of players.

MapleStory Mesos – Loop Trap

Playing maplestory is becoming more like a responsibility than a game. It feels like being trapped in a loop. First thing in the morning: completing the daily quest and afterwards farm more maplestory mesos or stand all day in the market, selling some stuff. It is kind of suffocating to be trapped in this loop.

There is a thread in reddit that pertains in this discussion. Someone asked, in reddit that what do other people do after finishing the daily quests and they all answer crazy stuff.

MapleStory Mesos – Play Other Games

This is pointless. Why bother taking the daily quests if the focus is other games? Probably, you are waiting for something to happen or you just feel a sense of responsibility on your account? Is it because you have invested so much time farming maplestory mesos that you can’t leave maplestory?

Myabe players who are playing another game after completing their daily quests are waiting for the new update, waiting for maplestory to become interesting again just as it was first released.

It is impossible.

Game Progress

This is the most natural answer – Progress in the game, like challenging the end game content, complete monster book and more. This way completing the daily quests have purpose – to reach something, to reach the end game, now doing that daily quests have a purpose.

But doing the daily quests and play another game afterwards is just pointless. Focus on one or two games.


Don’t ever take reddit seriously because people in this website are not even serious, although there are threads out there that are somewhat serious.

In conclusion, don’t forget to progress in maplestory once in a while. If the game is being more like a work than a game, you have to quit the game for your life’s sake. Or just tell your friend “mesos4u.”


MapleStory Mesos – Online Market

Everybody misses the old maplestory where people are just starting out, not being knowledgeable at the game, and with one thing in mind – to have fun. They never thought of maplestory becoming an online market or a game to earn or spend money with other players.

Moderators thought that the online market is fine as long as the players don’t violate any rules; thus let players to have real money trading until it is too late to create a rule for it because everybody is doing it. Suddenly prohibiting players from real money trading is like banning the whole community.

MapleStory Mesos – Fun Fact

Did you know that in the bloom of maplestory, there are players in the game who make a living through selling their in-game goods? They don’t grind for 8 hours like most people do. They just sit in the market, buying and selling goods which destroy the economy of maplestory. It goes like this: they will play for a while to gain the capital; after gaining the capital they are going to sit in the market 24/7, buying and selling stuff.

Why buying and selling destroy economy? Think of a scenario where 40% of the people in the market are doing this, bouncing an item like ping-pong. Eventually, this will raise the item’s demand, thus the price. As a result, no new players wanted to play anymore because items’ prices are overpriced, thanks to these people.

Maplestory Reboot


They should have released this kind of server sooner. Not when the MMORPG is dying.

Maplestory Reboot is a good idea. In fact, it is a fantastic idea where players could no longer trade their crappy stuff to crappy players. And this eliminates the fact that the negative aspect of the game – Economy.


In conclusion, if not manage well, economy in any MMORPG is like a virus, It is going to take down the server slowly, but surely through people buy mesos and people sell maplestory mesos.