MapleStory Mesos – Bored?

Boredom is a common feeling in MMORPG nowadays. It beats the purpose of playing game. We play games to enjoy.

Looking at a drained maplestory mesos makes you want to buy mesos.

While grinding you think of you don’t want to this shit anymore, but you have to because you are obsessed with the game. It is kind of dumb to be obsessed into game but getting bored at the same time, but it is true. Being bored is usually what MMORPG players feel.

Try one of these things and see if it could cease your boredom.

MapleStory Mesos – Events

Events are good. They are not a total time waster as you gain something while doing it. And you can accumulate rare items on the process, items that are only available during the event’s span.

Maplestory is active on announcing events. There is always a high probability that they are going to announce something next month. So, get the most out of the current event.

Some players take events seriously that when there is an event they focus on it and leave grinding behind.

Boss Runs


Boss runs are thrilling experience. It is something that you could do alone or with friends. However, it is more challenging to complete a boss run alone. Choose a boss that you could take down alone. Don’t be too ambitious and try to eat something that you could not digest.

Completing boss runs are highly rewarding. You will see your progress through defeating boss monsters that you can’t scratch when you are at lower levels.

Be Involve in the Community

Talk to people; create a guild; visit the forums; make friends; screw out someone (in a good way). The community in maplestory is really good. It has a classic feel into it where people don’t brag about what they have.


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