1/27 Update! Cash Shop Specials for MapleStory Mesos!

New updates coming your way, MapleStory Mesos fans! From January 27 to February 2 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time category (non-Reboot worlds only), expect fantastic rewards! Find out more in the article below!

maplestory mesos philosophers book

Philosopher’s Book for MapleStory Mesos!

The Philosopher’s Book is a special event item that will give you two random in-game items when you use the Philosoquill Pen to open it. The pen can be acquired by hunting monsters, or from most General Stores in towns, which you can purchase with MapleStory Mesos. When you open the book, you will receive two random items – one from two separate reward pools.
For this edition of the Philosopher’s Book, the reward list update removed Lv. 100 Pinnacle and Lv. 105 Revolution equipment, and chances to get A-rank Nebulites, android coupons, and 8-Slot Inventory Expansion Coupons have been increased significantly. 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls, and even more mounts, chairs, and android coupons have also been added, all for MapleStory Mesos fans! With this updated list, you now have a chance to get two A-rank Nebulites in one book!

Additional Items You Can Get with MapleStory Mesos

Other than the changes mentioned above, you can still receive items such as:

  • 150 Fafnir weapons
  • 150 Root Abyss set equips
  • 160 Sweetwater accessories
  • Hunter’s Club Totems
  • Permanent Titanium Heart
  • Gollux Pendant and Belts
  • Lightning God Ring
  • Orchid’s Badge
  • Permanent mounts
  • Chairs
  • 140 Empress set equips
  • 130 Royal Von Leon set equips
  • Android Coupons
  • and B-rank Nebulites
  • Special scrolls
  • Inventory slot bags
  • And more!

Royal Style Coupons for MapleStory Mesos

From January 27 to February 2 in the Appearance category in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds, take your Royal Hair Coupon  to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, or your Royal Face Coupon to NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get a new style! Royal Style Coupons are regularly found in the Appearance > Beauty Parlor category in the Cash Shop. You can preview the Royal Styles by double-clicking on the Royal Hair Coupon or the Royal Face Coupon in the Cash Shop. You can also purchase them with MapleStory Mesos.

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