Event and Items for Returning MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Attention all old players: MapleStory is having the Returning Maple Warriors Gift event. Players returning to the game will get free MapleStory items for their MapleStory Mesos warriors.


Items for returning MapleStory Mesos warriors

Returning players will get a free gift box when they return. They can get this by clicking on the Returning Maple Warriors Gift notifier on the left of the screen. The gift box contains a Pendant of the Spirit, a Sun Wu Kong Pet, and 5 Master Craftsman’s Cubes. These items are designed to help the returning MapleStory Mesos warrior catch up for lost time.

Requirements for MapleStory Mesos warriors

Only accounts that have been logged in between October 1, 2013 and January 4, 2014 are eligible for this promotion. This means MapleStory Mesos hunters logged in on January 5 or after are disqualified. Additionally, a level 60 or higher character is required.


MapleStory players looking for a little boost can make their own Absolute Belt. The questline for this nifty item is easy and can be done while gathering MapleStory Mesos. Give it a try now!

Absolute Belt for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

From May 24 to June 22, players can accept the Absolute Belt quest from the Star notifier. Each day, players can then hunt 300 monsters within specific level ranges. Once finished, their MapleStory Mesos hunter will receive an Absolute Belt.

Perfecting your MapleStory Mesos hunter’s belt

The MapleStory items start out with 7 day duration and low stats. However, completing the 300 kill quest each day will upgrade the Absolute Belt. Upgrade it ten times and your MapleStory Mesos hunter will receive a Perfect Absolute Belt. This item is permanent and has much better stats than the normal Absolute Belt.

Gachapon Items and Outfits for your MapleStory Mesos Hunter

Collectors of MapleStory items will be happy to know of MapleStory Cash Shop’s recent update. Gachapon rates will be increased and an Outfit box will be available for MapleStory Mesos this week.


Improved rates for MapleStory Mesos Fans

From May 21 to May 27, Gachapon rates will be increased. The chances of getting Japanese Myth and Imperial set gear will be higher. Players can get Gachapon Tickets for their MapleStory Mesos hunter at the Cash Shop. Tickets go for 1,000 NX, 10,000 NX and 30,000 NX depending on the bundle.

Outfits for MapleStory Mesos

Player who have MapleStory Mesos to spare, but not NX can get Memorial Day Outfit Boxes. Ranging from 400,000 to 300,000 mesos, players can turn their characters into soldiers. Note that the set items will only last 7-days once opened, so make sure to wear them right away.


The MapleStory Cash Shop has a new update. Grab new Royal Styles for cool face and hair customization. Hunt MapleStory Mesos while looking fierce with the Bear Outfit out now.

Bear Outfit for your MapleStory Mesos Hunter

From May 21 to May 27, players can avail of the Bear Outfit Package. The package contains permanent MapleStory items, namely a Bear Hat and a Bear Cape. Players can get the package for their MapleStory Mesos hunter for only 9,600 NX.

Royal Styles for your MapleStory Mesos Hunter

New styles are available at the Henesys Hair Salon and Plastic Surgery. To get these for your MapleStory Mesos hunter, simply purchase Royal Face and Hair coupons from the cash shop. Both coupon sell for 3,300 NX. Once you’ve purchased the styles simple present the coupon to either NPC Big Headward or NPC Nurse Pretty. Both styles available from May 21 to June 3.

Pet System and Pipsqueak Event for MapleStory Mesos Fans

The Legacy of 9 content update for MapleStory overhauled the Pet System. Collecting MapleStory items with a pet has been streamlined for your MapleStory Mesos fans.


Changes MapleStory Mesos Fans need to know

The game has removed all Pet Skill equipment and rings. Instead, Pets will now use permanent skills. Players who had these items equipped prior to the patch will be compensated with Maple Points. Pet skills are unique to each pet and will have to be purchased for each pet. These skills are needed if you want your pet to pick up MapleStory Mesos and items or perform other actions.

Investment to get more MapleStory Mesos

The new permanent skills for pets are available from the cash shop similar to the old skill equipment. This means NX have to be used as they cannot be bought with MapleStory Mesos. The benefits are well worth the price however.


MapleStory is running the Pipsqueak Zakum Rock-Paper-Scissors event from May 14 to May 27. In the event, MapleStory Mesos fans have a chance to win cool scrolls and other MapleStory items.

Rock-Paper-Scissors-MapleStory Mesos

Players can participate in the event by clicking on the UI Revamp notifier on their window and then Star Notifier. Choose “The Great Pipsqueak Zakum” dialogue option so you can start collecting Rock-Paper-Scissors Tickets from mobs around your level. The tickets can then be used by your MapleStory Mesos hunter to take on Pipsqueak Zakum in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

MapleStory Mesos and item rewards

Defeating Pipsqueak Zakum will reward your MapleStory Mesos hunter with various items. There are eight stages in total each giving out a specific reward as well as Nut Cases. The latter can be opened to receive more rewards such as Chaos Scrolls, 9th Anniversary Coins and more.


MapleStory Mesos, Hermes Cubes and Planetary Chairs

MapleStory Mesos fans can now get Hermes Cubes through a new event in MapleStory. These cubes help increase the potential tier of MapleStory items.


How to get Hermes Cubes for your MapleStory Mesos Hunter

Players level 15 or higher can take on a special quest through the event notifier. The quest will have players hunt mobs around their level to collect 10 Hermes Cube Fragments. Turning in the quest will award a Hermes Cube to the MapleStory Mesos hunter. Note that the quest can be repeated up to 10 times a day.

Better potentials for more MapleStory Mesos

The Hermes Cube reward can be used on gear with Rare or better potential that is level 99 or lower. Using the cube will increase the tier of the potential up to Unique. Be warned that once this is done, the item can no longer be traded to others for MapleStory Mesos.


The MapleStory 9th Anniversary isn’t just about getting nifty MapleStory items. Players can also unlock Achievements during the event. Get titles and all new Planetary Chairs for your MapleStory Mesos hunter now.

Achievements to get with your MapleStory Mesos hunter

During the Anniversary event period, players can unlock various achievements by finishing challenges. All of these challenges are related to the Anniversary events. MapleStory Mesos hunters can get new titles, a 9 Year Maple Master medal and an Earth Chair through these achievements.

Put your MapleStory Mesos hunter on the hot seat

Along with anniversary themed prizes comes 9th Anniversary Planetary Chairs. There are nine chairs in total, with eight representing and the ninth representing the Sun. To get the latter, collect all eight and complete the Solar Savior quest. Take a break from hunting MapleStory Mesos and put your character on the hot seat!

MapleStory Mesos Fans Get Double the Fun with the 9th Anniversary Weekend

This weekend, May 10 and May 11, MapleStory will be having a 2x EXP/Drop event to celebrate the game’s 9th Anniversary. Make sure to log in and reap the MapleStory Mesos rewards of this celebration.


More MapleStory Mesos and more experience

On Saturday and Sunday, from 12 AM to 4 AM and 2 PM to 6PM, players can enjoy 2x EXP and Drop rates. Even better the event bonus stacks with 2x EXP Coupons. Use these MapleStory items to get up to 8x EXP for your MapleStory Mesos hunter!

Free items MapleStory Mesos cannot buy

Make sure to log on May 11, not just for the bonus rates, but for freebies. Don’t forget to claim your anniversary gifts by clicking on the gift box icon on the left of your screen. Your MapleStory Mesos hunter will receive a Trait Boost Potion, 2x EXP/Drop Coupons, 9th Anniversary coins and more.


The rewards from the MapleStory 9th Anniversary just keep coming. Receive MapleStory items for your MapleStory Mesos hunter with the Attendance event. Look for the Levitating Admins to get wonderful items from them too.

Attendance check for MapleStory Mesos Fans

Players who like to hunt monsters for MapleStory Mesos will get a kick out of the 9th Anniversary Attendance Check. Simply hunt 200 monsters around your level each day to get an Attendance Stamp. Earn enough stamp and you’ll receive potential scrolls, a 9th Anniversary Pendant, mounts and more!

MapleStory Mesos and items from the sky

After hunting mobs, look for Levitating Admin balloons. The Maple Admin NPCs will be giving out gift boxes to MapleStory Mesos hunters. Open the box for awesome rewards like the brand new Uranus Chair. Have fun!