Special Event for MapleStory Mesos Fans and New Update

MapleStory has hit 1 million likes in Facebook and celebrations are in order. From June 11 to June 24, the game will hold the Special Beauty Coupon Event. Any MapleStory Mesos hunter can join and win interesting MapleStory items.


Getting your MapleStory Mesos hunter to join

During the event period, players can log in and hunt monsters 10 levels below or 20 levels higher than their character’s level. These monsters will have a chance to drop Special Beauty Coupons aside from MapleStory Mesos. Note however, that not all monsters will drop this event item.

Style Changes that don’t cost MapleStory Mesos

Special Beauty Coupons cannot be traded for MapleStory Mesos. However, using them will randomly change your character’s looks. The change can affect the face, hair or skin. Be careful when using the item as changes will be permanent. Good luck and have fun!


The newest update for MapleStory, Rising Heroes: Elite is going live. MapleStory Mesos fans can experience all new content, MapleStory items and changes to old systems. Get ready to face new monsters using the new Rune system and combos!

Elites, combos and MapleStory Mesos

Players have to be wary when hunting monsters for MapleStory Mesos. When enough normal mobs have been defeated, Elite monsters can start to appear. These powered up monsters are stronger and drop more mesos and items. Players can get even more from them if they perform combo kills and multi-kills using the revamped combat system.

MapleStory Mesos, Runes and Scrolls

Aside from Elites, MapleStory Mesos hunters can also encounter Runes randomly in field maps. These can be activated using a special command to receive a buff. To further power up your character, a new Spell Trace system will also be implemented. These function to upgrades using scrolls but will not destroy equipment.

The Fun Has Been Doubled! 2x MapleStory Mesos and Shop Updates

One million likes on Facebook is a milestone for MapleStory. To celebrate, MapleStory Mesos fans will be getting a 2x EXP and Drop event. Players will get more MapleStory items and levels for their characters.


When to log in for more MapleStory Mesos

The event will be running from 12 AM to 4 AM and 2 PM to 6 PM this weekend, June 21 and June 22. During this time item drops and experience points will be doubled for characters online. On Sunday, June 22, players will also get a special gift for their MapleStory Mesos hunters.

Going beyond 2x for more MapleStory Mesos

For players with 2x EXP Coupons bought from the Cash Shop, please note that they will stack with this event. This means your MapleStory Mesos collector will get 4xEXP during the event. Have fun and enjoy the event!


MapleStory players can get new MapleStory items from the Gachapon Update. Up for grabs are new chairs and weapons. The Cash Shop also has new Royal Styles for your MapleStory Mesos hunter.

New items via Gachapon for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

MapleStory Mesos hunters get a chance to win special chairs from The Great Gachapierrot starting June 19. Dual Blades and boss reset tickets are also available. Gachapon tickets are available at 1,000 NX with bundles of 11 and 35 going for 10,000 NX and 30,000 NX respectively.

Give your MapleStory Mesos hunter new styles

Big Headward and Nurse Pretty have new Royal Styles for your MapleStory Mesos hunter. Change your character’s looks or hair with coupons available at the Cash Shop. Royal Face and Royal Hair coupons are available for just 3,300 NX each.

Red Leaf High Keys & Pets for your MapleStory Mesos Hunter

Get your Red Leaf High Entry keys now in the MapleStory Cash Shop. The new store update also includes cute Creampuff Pets for your MapleStory Mesos hunter.


Take your MapleStory Mesos hunter back to school

With Red Leaf High back and being infested with monsters, it’s up to brave MapleStory Mesos hunters to clean up the school. Get Red Leaf High Entry keys for 400 NX to gain access to the school. Save NX by buy these MapleStory items in bulk. Eleven key bundles are available from June 10 to June 23 for just 4,000 NX.

Sweet pets to hunt MapleStory Mesos with

From June 11 to June 24, MapleStory Mesos hunters can buy Creampuff Pet Packages. Choose from the Kiwi, Strawberry and Mango Creampuff Packages all going for just 11,310 NX. You can also get all three pets in the Triple Creampuff Pet Package for only 15,900 NX.


It’s time to go back to school in MapleStory. Head back to Red Leaf High and kick out the monsters in it to earn MapleStory items and MapleStory Mesos. This new event will last from June 10 to June 23.

School fights for MapleStory Mesos

During the event period, players can talk to NPC Kumi found in town throughout the game. Characters level 10 or higher can then enter Red Leaf High and defeat monsters. Clearing room challenges will earn Friendship points for your MapleStory Mesos hunter. Note that players can only enter the school for free once a day. Extra runs require a Red Leaf High Entry Key available for 400 NX at the Cash Shop.

Totems for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Collected Friendship Points can be turned in for Totems at the Four Pillars of Heaven Shop. These will give special buffs to your MapleStory Mesos hunter. Note that you cannot equip two of the same totem at once.

MapleStory Mesos From Marvel Machine & Cash Shop Update

MapleStory has brought the Mavel Machine back! Spin it and get a chance to win awesome MapleStory items for your MapleStory Mesos collector.


Marvel Machine prizes for your MapleStory Mesos collector

The Marvel Machine is back and MapleStory Mesos fans can play to win amazing prizes. Up for grabs are level 150 Tyrant Equipment, level 150 Cursed Kaiserium and other items. Players can also get Premium Surprise Styel Boxes or a Hero Worship Chair. Win the jackpot get 1 Million Maple Points for your account!

How to spin and win items for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Players trying their luck simply need to buy a spin at Cash Shop. One spin costs 4,900 NX, while a bundle of 11 goes for 49,000 NX. MapleStory Mesos Fans can then click “Spin” on the machine to receive three random prizes. The codes for these will be sent to the Coupon Vault. Finally, players can redeem the codes at the Cash Shop to receive their prize.


The MapleStory Cash Shop has a new update. New Royal Styles are available for your MapleStory Mesos hunter. Also get in on the Pink Bean Balloon on sale now.

New Styles for gatherers of MapleStory Mesos

From June 4 to June 17 players can available of new Royal Styles. Simply get a Royal Hair or Royal Face Coupon for 3,300 NX and take your MapleStory Mesos hunter to Henesys. Once there, talk to NPC Big Headward to get your new hair style or NPC Nurse Pretty to change your character’s looks.

Bean Balloons for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Alongside the new Royal Styles is a Pink Bean Balloon sale. Get these MapleStory Items for only 99NX. Make sure to act fast as the sale will only last from June 4 to June 10. Make your MapleStory Mesos hunter the talk of the town with this cute trinket.

MapleStory Mesos, Unicorn Friendship Magic and Zombies

The MapleStory Cash Shop is coming out with Pegasus Permanent Pet Packages. Players can become friends with these magical creatures as they hunt MapleStory items and MapleStory Mesos.


Packages for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Players can get their magical unicorn pets for their MapleStory Mesos hunter from the cash shop. They can choose from the Tiel, Esel and Galiel Pet Package. Each one costs only 13,935 NX. Each package contains 6 Sugar Lumps, Pet Name Tag and other items for the pet. Finally, each package contains a permanent pet and matching equipment.

Doubling the fun for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Summoning two unicorn pets while hunting MapleStory Mesos will give your character the Bjorn mount skill. If you summon a third pet then your character will get the Unicorn mount skill. These mounts increase speed, jump and weapon and magic defense for the character.


It’s not Halloween yet, but MapleStory is running a Zombie Survival Event. Will your character survive the horde while hunting for MapleStory items and MapleStory Mesos? Enjoy the event from May 28 to June 17.

Choose a side when hunting MapleStory Mesos

During the event, undead monsters will spawn in the game for players to hunt. These monsters have a chance to drop Zombie Virus which appears similar to contaminated MapleStory Mesos. Pick these up and your character will be infected and receive different bonuses to their stats. Stay clean however and receive Regular Check-Ups to get EXP rewards.

MapleStory Mesos and Android rewards

Depending on how long you survive as uninfected or a zombie, your MapleStory Mesos hunter will receive a different Android. Get 30 consecutirve normal records via Regular Check-Ups to get a Neville, the Legend(M) and Neville’s Heart. On the flipside, get infected 30 times without being cured to obtain Clobber (M) and Clobber’s Heart. Finally, remove the virus with injections 100 times to get Disease Control STAR(F) and STAR’s Heart.