MapleStory Pet System Updates for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Like in most MMOs, in MapleStory, players also have the option of buying pets with MapleStory Mesos. Pets are monsters that follow behind you and respond to commands, from the Cash Shop for either Maple Points, from events, or Nexon Cash, bought with real money. There are numerous different types of pets, and in some versions they have different abilities or stats. Pets, like their owners, have levels, which are raised by “Closeness” instead of “Experience”. Closeness is gained by feeding the pets and talking to them. Find out more about pets in the article below!

MapleStory 2

The Kitty and the Puppy  – First Pets for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

The Kitty is one of the first pets that ever came out. It’s very basic and has no special abilities. As she was the first to come out, many players have these since the beginning and they tend to be very high level. These are also some of the cheapest pets purchasable with MapleStory Mesos. They aren’t very obedient. Sometimes seen wearing Bucket Hats of various Colors.

The Puppy is also one of the first pets that ever came out. It’s very basic and has no special abilities. As he was the first to come out, many players have these since the beginning and they tend to be very high level. Needs to be fed more often than the Kitties. These are also some of the cheapest pets. Loyal and highly obedient. Sometimes seen wearing Top Hats.

MapleStory 2 Pet System Update for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Early today the Korean server of MapleStory 2 received a big update. In this update, a brand new pet system has been added into the game. Currently there are 3 pets, which are penguin, dog and dragon. These pets can not only give their owners a 5% move speed boost, but also have 4 other skills, which are character revive, picking up items, taking medicine automatically and adding 5 points to physical and magic attack.

High Level Dungeon Added for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Meanwhile, a new high-level dungeon has also been added into the game in this update. It’s a 10-man dungeon for the players whose level is higher than level 50. The final boss in this dungeon is Barkhant the “God of Darkness”, who will not only drop the best defense items, but also drop the materials to craft the best new “Indestructible” series of weapons.

1/27 Update! Cash Shop Specials for MapleStory Mesos!

New updates coming your way, MapleStory Mesos fans! From January 27 to February 2 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time category (non-Reboot worlds only), expect fantastic rewards! Find out more in the article below!

maplestory mesos philosophers book

Philosopher’s Book for MapleStory Mesos!

The Philosopher’s Book is a special event item that will give you two random in-game items when you use the Philosoquill Pen to open it. The pen can be acquired by hunting monsters, or from most General Stores in towns, which you can purchase with MapleStory Mesos. When you open the book, you will receive two random items – one from two separate reward pools.
For this edition of the Philosopher’s Book, the reward list update removed Lv. 100 Pinnacle and Lv. 105 Revolution equipment, and chances to get A-rank Nebulites, android coupons, and 8-Slot Inventory Expansion Coupons have been increased significantly. 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls, and even more mounts, chairs, and android coupons have also been added, all for MapleStory Mesos fans! With this updated list, you now have a chance to get two A-rank Nebulites in one book!

Additional Items You Can Get with MapleStory Mesos

Other than the changes mentioned above, you can still receive items such as:

  • 150 Fafnir weapons
  • 150 Root Abyss set equips
  • 160 Sweetwater accessories
  • Hunter’s Club Totems
  • Permanent Titanium Heart
  • Gollux Pendant and Belts
  • Lightning God Ring
  • Orchid’s Badge
  • Permanent mounts
  • Chairs
  • 140 Empress set equips
  • 130 Royal Von Leon set equips
  • Android Coupons
  • and B-rank Nebulites
  • Special scrolls
  • Inventory slot bags
  • And more!

Royal Style Coupons for MapleStory Mesos

From January 27 to February 2 in the Appearance category in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds, take your Royal Hair Coupon  to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, or your Royal Face Coupon to NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get a new style! Royal Style Coupons are regularly found in the Appearance > Beauty Parlor category in the Cash Shop. You can preview the Royal Styles by double-clicking on the Royal Hair Coupon or the Royal Face Coupon in the Cash Shop. You can also purchase them with MapleStory Mesos.

Introduction to a Samurai Warrior Inspired Class to Hunt MapleStory Mesos

Samurai Anegasaki Kenji or Hayato is a playable character originating from Mark of Honor. Armed with a Katana and a Wakizashi to hunt for MapleStory Mesos, Hayato uses quick, flashy combos to slice through his enemies.

hayato class for hunting maplestory mesos

Hayato joins forces with the military and Kanna for the sake of preventing the ritual of the Demon King’s Descendant. After stopping the ritual, he and his allies are suddenly transported to Maple World for an unknown reason, where Hayato must regain his strength and continue to stop the Demon King.

Story of a MapleStory Mesos Hunter

In Japan, June 21, 1582 at Honnou-ji in Kyoto; although the brutal warlord Oda Nobunaga was cementing his control of Japan, it wasn’t enough to slake his thirst for power. Seeking immortality and to become a new demon king, he prepared a ritual at Honnou-ji in Kyoto. The feudal lords banded together and waged a fierce battle with the Oda forces in a desperate last bid to stop the evil lord. While the armies clashed outside, the legendary samurai, Hayato, fought his way into the temple and challenged Oda himself to stop the ritual.

While the two traded blows, a pillar of light erupted from the temple, casting all it enveloped into a strange world. Weakened by the unfamiliar energy of this world, Hayato must regain his strength and battle once more against the spread of Nobunaga’s dark ambitions.

Job Advancements; upon reaching level 30, to make the job advancement, simply accept Hayato’s quest. The third job advancement is given automatically upon reaching level 60, and the fourth job advancement at level 100.

Profiting MapleStory Mesos

As you find your way to earn for MapleStory Mesos it is not possible that you struggle once. If you found yourself struggling in hunting MapleStory Mesos, you might want to visit this marketplace platform where Mesos is offered by the players with an affordable price. You might also found items and other in-game items and services for your gaming needs.

MapleStory Mesos and Items by Unleashing the Cook in You

They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but really, it is the route to anyone’s heart. In Maplestory’s newest event, Maplers can help Chef Beefy prepare meals in exchange for cheap MapleStory Mesos, items and more. Today’s guide will get you set up to be an amazing chef.


Sending your MapleStory Mesos hunter to the kitchen

Running from July 22 to September 15, the Beefy’s Kitchen Event has Maplers take care of the missing chef’s kitchen. Players can join the event by going through the Event Hall and selecting Tangyoon’s Calling. Alternatively the can use a Specialized Teleport Rock. Note that only those level 33 and above can join the event.

Once you are in-charge of the kitchen, you will have to improve it. This can be done by crafting various items, food and even Cash Shop items. As for ingredients, you can buy them using Beefy Coins. These, in turn, can be obtained by hunting monsters near your character’s level. If you manage to upgrade your kitchen to Stage 3, you can get 10 Beefy Coins from a crate in the kitchen. The more items you craft, and the more your kitchen improves, the better your rewards and benefits will be.

MapleStory Mesos hunters can critique food too

Like with any establishment serving food, there will always be critics. As your kitchen gets better, you will be able to create special food that can be rated and commented on by other Maplers. This also has the benefit of giving a buff to you and the food critic. Rating is important as the better your feedback score, the more powerful the buffs you will receive be. Additionally, the top five comments about your dishes will be displayed above your character’s head. How’s that for advertising?

MapleStory Mesos and item rewards

Maplers can win various rewards for their MapleStory Mesos Hunter from the event.  The most common rewards you can get are the Cash Shop items you will be cooking up yourself. This includes items like Pet Skills, Scissors of Karma and Water of Life. Aside from these, players can get tasty weapons, different chef outfits and hats, and weapon covers. You can even get Beefy’s Food Truck Mount.

You Can Hunt MapleStory Mesos with a Beast Tamer Character Again

If you missed making a Beast Tamer to get MapleStory Mesos with the first time, you can make one now! This is thanks to the Beast Tamer Returns event in MapleStory. Best of all, you can also get free equipment and items to help level up your new Beast Tamer. We will check this out in today’s article.

Beast Tamer class for MapleStory Mesos hunting

From July 8 to August 18, players can create a Beast Tamer on their account. This magician type class has INT for its primary stat. Don’t let that fool you however, as the Beast Tamer can be played in various ways. This is due to her being able to summon and channel the strengths of four different animals. She can bring out her cat Arby for support purposes. Meanwhile, with her snow leopard Lai out she can be incredibly agile.  Bringing out Fort the bear will allow her to dish out huge amounts of damage, while Eka the hawk gives her impressive aerial moves.


Equipment for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

During the event period, Beast Tamer characters from level 10 to level 70 can receive free equipment for their character. Players can take the Beast Tamer Equipment Gift quest from the event notifier to receive their free equipment. Note that this quest can be taken every ten levels as long as they are between level 10 and level 70. However, be sure to get the reward once you hit the required level as going past it will disqualify you from it. Each equipment box has Beast Tamer gear appropriate for the level range. They are also untradeable.

A ring  for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Aside from the free equipment, players who make a Beast Tamer during the event can also get a Beast Tamer Critical Ring. This untradeable ring boosts Max HP and MP by 200, Magic ATT by 5, Critical Rate by 12% and Minimum Critical Damage by 1%. It can be obtained by taking the similarly named quest from the Event Notifier. Note that your character needs to be at least level 10 to take it. Afterwards, simply reach level 70 to get the ring.


Players can also upgrade their ring to a Beast Tamer Dark Critical Ring. The process is similar to the first ring, with a quest available in the Event Notifier. Players however need to reach level 130 to get the upgrade.