Kinesis Patch Notes for Hunters of MapleStory Mesos Pt. 1

Prepare for the next update in the Reboot trilogy: Harness the power of the mind with the new playable character class for hunting MapleStory Mesos, Kinesis! Use psychic points and telekinesis to attack monsters and control objects.

kinesis class for hunters of maplestory mesos

Then, visit the newly updated Mu Lung Dojo, and fight through 41 floors of monsters to receive a ranking and earn Mu Lung Dojo points. One of our GMS-exclusive dungeons, Star World, is returning and you can earn chairs and other rewards. The holiday celebrations continue with new events in which you can collect snowflakes or countdown to the New Year! All this and more, in the Kinesis update!

Kinesis Class Introduction for Hunters of MapleStory Mesos

Kinesis was a normal student attending the School for the Gifted in the real world. One day he mysteriously gained telekinetic powers. With a strong sense of justice, Kinesis quickly put his newfound power to good use by helping people in need.

Around the same time that Kinesis gained his powers, strange occurrences started happening around his town, always preempted by a mysterious message from someone online calling themselves ‘WM’. While following one of the leads from the mysterious WM, Kinesis was pulled into a catastrophic sinkhole that also destroyed a large part of the city. Kinesis was saved by the magician Nero and brought to Maple World.

Kinesis now must train in Maple World so that he can gain enough power to return home and save his world. Uncover the mystery behind Kinesis’ powers and become a true hero in both worlds!

  • Kinesis starts at Lv. 10.
  • Kinesis’s Character Card will increase INT by +10 on 30, +20 on 60, +40 on 100, and +80 on 200.
  • Kinesis will be able to participate in the Sizzling Santa event however; they will not receive the Burning Santa effect. Instead Kinesis will receive 2x EXP Coupons for 1 hour (x3).

Profiting MapleStory Mesos

As you find your way to earn for MapleStory Mesos it is not possible that you struggle once. If you found yourself struggling in hunting MapleStory Mesos, you might want to visit this marketplace platform where Mesos is offered by the players with an affordable price. You might also found items and other in-game items and services for your gaming needs.


New Bloom Players Hunting for MapleStory Mesos

Eons ago, Victoria Island and Ossyria were once connected, but over time have become separated. It was once completely ruled by a culture called the Sharenian, who built a lot of the deserted structures on the island, like the Temple of Golems near Henesys and the Sanctuary at the end of Sleepywood’s Ant Tunnel where MapleStory Mesos can be farmed. This culture collapsed mysteriously under the rule of Sharen III. The Guild Party Quest is based upon the rule of Sharen III.hunting maplestory mesos in victoria island

Zoning in Nautilus for Hunting MapleStory Mesos

The Nautilus is a well traveled sub which has reached its current location after sailing in from the far side of the current world map. It features a warp portal which can instantly teleport travelers to Omega Sector (For the price of one warp card), which seems to be the source of the ship’s technology. The ship’s propellers are replaced by Lithium stones from Magatia

The interior of the ship is extremely large. The ship has three decks. The lowest deck has an engine room, which is almost entirely flooded. Several dolphin-like creatures, called Whalians, swim around the central power source, an enormous hexagonal crystal.

Nautilus Decks for MapleStory Mesos Hunting

This deck seems to be in a state of disrepair, as many crewmembers are patching up the hull and fending off a shark attack. Here, one can access the Generator Room, which contains the central power source, an enormous hexagonal crystal, and the Bedroom. The middle deck is where a player entering the sub first appears. Here, one can access the Free Market the Cafeteria, Weapon, Armor, and Potion Sellers. The upper deck has a target range, the Galley, a supply room in which an elderly bird resides, the conference room, , and the bridge, where Kyrin is found. The bridge is also where the portal to Omega Sector is located. Navigating the ship can be confusing at first, but the ship map greatly simplifies things.


Class of Shade and the Hidden Moon for Hunting MapleStory Mesos

maplestory mesos hunting with shade class

During the final battle with the Black Mage, there were six brave heroes fighting the Black Mage for the protection of Maple World for MapleStory Mesos. Within the six of them, one hero stepped forward to perform the ultimate sacrifice to seal away the Black Mage. After successfully sealing away the Black Mage, he was cursed and banished to the world of Vulpes, where he woke up centuries later.


As one of the six heroes, he sacrificed his existence to prepare for the seal to seal away the Black Mage. However, nobody remembers his existence due to the nature of the seal. He later mysteriously finds himself in Vulpes of Grandis, where he is aided by a young girl named Moonbeam.

The Awakening of a Hunter of MapleStory Mesos

Reborn in Vulpes, he was helped by Moonbeam, a young girl of the Pointy-Ear Foxes. His name has been forgotten in the sands of time, but with the help of Moonbeam, he has been reborn as Shade.

After staying with the Pointy-Ear Foxes for a while, Moonbeam wants Shade to be her companion. In an attempt to do so, she gives up her spirit powers to Shade, making Shade stronger but consequently making Moonbeam vulnerable to aggressors (which almost ended up in a forced marriage). As Shade saw it as a responsibility to protect Moonbeam, he promises to return after his business in Maple World is done.

Class Specifications for hunting MapleStory Mesos

Using the power of spirits, Shade mixes melee and semi-long range attacks along with combos that are powerful and can debuff, but are often quite slow. His Close Call and Summon Other spirit also help him avoid certain death. He utilizes a large amount of passives and has very little buffs. He also has the ability to teleport via Fox Trot.

Xenon Class for Hunting MapleStory Mesos

xenon class for hunting maplestory mesos

A young boy once disappeared from Edelstein while walking home after playing Mesorangers with his friends. Abducted by Gelimer, the chief scientist of the Black Wings, the boy’s memories were seemingly erased and he was made into a test subject for advanced cyberization.

Several years later, the leaders of the Resistance broke into one of Gelimer’s labs, but one of them – Claudine – was captured. The kidnapped boy, now a superhuman cyborg named Xenon, was disturbed and confused. A memory started coming back to him: Claudine was one of his childhood friends. Puzzled by this revelation and wanting to unlock more of his memories, he freed Claudine and they fought their way out of the lab along with Xenon’s cyborg friend Roo-D.

Class Introduction for hunting MapleStory Mesos

Xenon is a more complicated class, being a mix of Thief and Pirate; he can wear both their equipments and is fueled by the three stats they use: Strength, Dexterity, and Luck. These stats strengthen Xenon’s Multilateral I, Multilateral II, Multilateral III, Multilateral IV, Multilateral V and Multilateral VI, whereas Strength contributes to Power Stance (knockback resistance), Dexterity to resistance to elements and status ailments, Luck to avoidability, and all three to total damage.

The three stats complicate Xenon’s stat distribution. Auto assign contributes to the stats individually rather than simultaneously, an auto assign has been picked, it cannot be switched until the current Multilateral’s stats requirements have been met for that stat.

Xenon Skills for Hunting MapleStory Mesos

Some of Xenon’s skills require Supply Surplus instead of Mana while farming for MapleStory Mesos. A UI depicting a gauge will appear on screen, indicating how much surplus he has. Xenon starts out with five maximum points, but each job advancement increases that amount by five to a maximum of twenty. One point regenerates every four seconds or when Xenon evades an attack with a 60% chance of regenerating. Additionally, to further bolster his stats, every point of surplus grants 1% all stats.

At level 30, Xenon will learn Multi Mode Linker. Some of his skills have multiple variants and Modal Shift is used to swap between them. Xenon also gains Promessa Assault which allows him access to Veritas, which doubles as an NPC service area and an intercontinental station.

Guide to the Major Website Update for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

The new MapleStory website has been launched. While this may seem not a major issue for MapleStory Mesos hunters, the changes to the website does impact players. In today’s guide we will look at  the changes to the site and how it can affect Maplers experience of the game.


MapleStory Mesos hunters get easier access

If you checked the new MapleStory website now, you will immediately notice a large dark header. Here players can quickly navigate the new website’s sections. In just a few clicks you can easily check out news about the game, information about MapleStory, get in touch with the community and seek help. The header also lets users check out the game’s official social media accounts with a simple click.

The website update also signals the end of Web Launch support. Players will now have to run the game via the Nexon Launcher. This can be done by clicking on the Play Free Now button on the site, or otherwise running the launcher from your computer. If you do not have the launcher yet, clicking the button will allow you to download and install it on your computer.

More news for MapleStory Mesos hunters

With the new streamlined look, players won’t have to scroll through tons of updates just to find important news. They simply need to select News Hub from the News dropdown available on the header. This will bring them to the page where all the important news is listed. Furthermore, users can filter what news they can see. They can even look for old articles by year.

The News dropdown also contains links to major game updates. Specifically, you can check the patch notes and highlights of these updates. You can also see if the server is up by picking the Server Status entry in the News dropdown list.

Info for new MapleStory Mesos hunters

The new website also helps new players access more information about the game. Through the The Game dropdown list, players can find important information about the game. This includes guides for new players, to pages containing the lore of the game. The Game Hub also includes information about the classes and jobs in the game and more.