[Tips] Don’t Get Scammed by Other People: Protect Your Maplestory Mesos


Avoid being scammed and make sure you protect your maplestory mesos

There are many ways to make maplestory mesos, but there is one thing you shouldn’t do it; by scamming other people. You should never do this because it is in appropriate and illegal way of making money. You should also avoid being scammed and protect your maplestory mesos.

There is indefinite way to spot a scammer. The first one is by viewing their fame. When someone invited you to make a trade or invite you in the drop game, you should first know their fame. If it is negative, you should avoid him/her or be careful with him and keep your guard up. However having negative fame isn’t always a sure way of spotting a scammer because they may be a victim of mass defame. Just be careful on who you meet and always protect your maplestory mesos.

The second one is viewing their level. Any person with common sense shouldn’t use a high level account to scam other people because their account may have a chance to be banned by GM’s. If someone offers you to join the “drop game”, just ignore that person or else you may lose your item and a waste of maplestory mesos.

Double EXP Event! Enjoying with Maplestory Mesos Adventure!


Weekend is EXP and maplestory mesos Booster day!

Maplestory will hold a 2 times experience event this weekend. This 2x EXP coupon can be stack with the exp booster as well that can be bought from the cash shop. That will give you a total of 4x EXP!!! Note that it can be purchase with nexon cash only and not maplestory mesos.

On the following schedule, all maplestory players will be able to get the 2x EXP coupon:

Saturday, November 23 – Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pacific: 12 AM – 2 AM & 2 PM – 4 PM

Eastern: 3 AM – 5 AM & 5 PM – 7 PM

More experience! More chance of maplestory mesos bonus!


Fame does matter, so does maplestory mesos

When you’re done enjoying the event, then make a profit from fame. Fame is used to raise (fame) or lower (defamed) players in Maplestory. Fame is also used as a mean to recognize a player’s popularity. Since this kind of system is prone to abuse, one character can only fame or defame another character once a day. Faming or defaming the same character is only possible once a month. Faming or defaming yourself is forbidden. There are some quests which can reward you with fame. Some people use this system as a means to make maplestory mesos.

When a player does a good deed to other players, sometimes they are not rewarded with fame. Instead some or most of the players traded their fame on others to increase their fame. Some others are willing to pay maplestory mesos to gain or increase their fame. This type of method of making maplestory mesos is sometimes prone from scam. So be careful who you want to trade.