Maplestory Mesos: Nexons Unfair Bans

Maplestory Mesos: A Ban Here and There

Just recently, a big Maplestory player and streamer had announced quitting the game due to Nexon unfairly banning her. How does that happen you ask? Well, all it takes is a latency-filled Aussie connection to US servers and an impatient twat of a GM.

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BasicBec, the player in question, was unfairly banned because Nexon’s GMs actually thought that she was a bot due to chat latency. She was stripped of her rank and account permanently, rendering her unable to play for, well, pretty much ever.

A lot of people came forward on reddit to voice out their complaints about what had just transpired. A GM took notice and reviewed the situation where he eventually found that the ban was, indeed, unfair, and restored BasicBec’s account.

However, the notable player had already posted a “goodbye” video on her channel on Youtube and it is unknown if she is going to go through with quitting Maplestory or if she’ll forgive Nexon for that horrendous error.

Maplestory Mesos: Room for Improvement

Clearly, Nexon has to be more careful in the future with these sorts of bans because they had clearly demolished the love for Maplestory that this specific player had in one action. Not only will they lose a customer in their game, but they will also lose a prolific streamer and and known player in the community, most likely bringing with her a few of her friends when she leaves. It’s a double blow for Nexon and the community.

Maplestory is an old game with a very, very, very loyal fanbase: it’s not asking for too much for Nexon to trust its small, but tight, playerbase. If they continue on doing these sorts of bans without so much of a thought, they’ll be bleeding players left and right, and, before you know it, the game will be as dry as Nevada.

The line between vigilant management and lazy douchebaggery is a thin one when dealing with a small community like this in an MMO. Nexon should take precautions in the future so as not to earn even more ire from the general populace of Maplestory. If they don’t, they may regret it one day. Hopefully, that day never comes.