MapleStory Pet System Updates for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Like in most MMOs, in MapleStory, players also have the option of buying pets with MapleStory Mesos. Pets are monsters that follow behind you and respond to commands, from the Cash Shop for either Maple Points, from events, or Nexon Cash, bought with real money. There are numerous different types of pets, and in some versions they have different abilities or stats. Pets, like their owners, have levels, which are raised by “Closeness” instead of “Experience”. Closeness is gained by feeding the pets and talking to them. Find out more about pets in the article below!

MapleStory 2

The Kitty and the Puppy  – First Pets for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

The Kitty is one of the first pets that ever came out. It’s very basic and has no special abilities. As she was the first to come out, many players have these since the beginning and they tend to be very high level. These are also some of the cheapest pets purchasable with MapleStory Mesos. They aren’t very obedient. Sometimes seen wearing Bucket Hats of various Colors.

The Puppy is also one of the first pets that ever came out. It’s very basic and has no special abilities. As he was the first to come out, many players have these since the beginning and they tend to be very high level. Needs to be fed more often than the Kitties. These are also some of the cheapest pets. Loyal and highly obedient. Sometimes seen wearing Top Hats.

MapleStory 2 Pet System Update for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Early today the Korean server of MapleStory 2 received a big update. In this update, a brand new pet system has been added into the game. Currently there are 3 pets, which are penguin, dog and dragon. These pets can not only give their owners a 5% move speed boost, but also have 4 other skills, which are character revive, picking up items, taking medicine automatically and adding 5 points to physical and magic attack.

High Level Dungeon Added for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Meanwhile, a new high-level dungeon has also been added into the game in this update. It’s a 10-man dungeon for the players whose level is higher than level 50. The final boss in this dungeon is Barkhant the “God of Darkness”, who will not only drop the best defense items, but also drop the materials to craft the best new “Indestructible” series of weapons.

1/27 Update! Cash Shop Specials for MapleStory Mesos!

New updates coming your way, MapleStory Mesos fans! From January 27 to February 2 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time category (non-Reboot worlds only), expect fantastic rewards! Find out more in the article below!

maplestory mesos philosophers book

Philosopher’s Book for MapleStory Mesos!

The Philosopher’s Book is a special event item that will give you two random in-game items when you use the Philosoquill Pen to open it. The pen can be acquired by hunting monsters, or from most General Stores in towns, which you can purchase with MapleStory Mesos. When you open the book, you will receive two random items – one from two separate reward pools.
For this edition of the Philosopher’s Book, the reward list update removed Lv. 100 Pinnacle and Lv. 105 Revolution equipment, and chances to get A-rank Nebulites, android coupons, and 8-Slot Inventory Expansion Coupons have been increased significantly. 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls, and even more mounts, chairs, and android coupons have also been added, all for MapleStory Mesos fans! With this updated list, you now have a chance to get two A-rank Nebulites in one book!

Additional Items You Can Get with MapleStory Mesos

Other than the changes mentioned above, you can still receive items such as:

  • 150 Fafnir weapons
  • 150 Root Abyss set equips
  • 160 Sweetwater accessories
  • Hunter’s Club Totems
  • Permanent Titanium Heart
  • Gollux Pendant and Belts
  • Lightning God Ring
  • Orchid’s Badge
  • Permanent mounts
  • Chairs
  • 140 Empress set equips
  • 130 Royal Von Leon set equips
  • Android Coupons
  • and B-rank Nebulites
  • Special scrolls
  • Inventory slot bags
  • And more!

Royal Style Coupons for MapleStory Mesos

From January 27 to February 2 in the Appearance category in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds, take your Royal Hair Coupon  to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, or your Royal Face Coupon to NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get a new style! Royal Style Coupons are regularly found in the Appearance > Beauty Parlor category in the Cash Shop. You can preview the Royal Styles by double-clicking on the Royal Hair Coupon or the Royal Face Coupon in the Cash Shop. You can also purchase them with MapleStory Mesos.

New and Comeback MapleStory Items: Sengoku High, Black Bean Boss and Armor Box

The world’s most famous side scrolling game have sengoku high back this summer! Oda Nobunaga is looking for brave warriors to defeat the each class’ doppelganger. Heroic adventurers who can finish Oda Nobunaga’s test will acquire awesome rewards!

Black Bean Boss will be on the beach until June 23! Maplestory players may play with the black creature, and may get cool items.

Additionally, Maplestory is celebrating its 10th anniversary through featuring 10th anniversary box.


MapleStory Items Comeback: Sengoku High

The sengoku high quest can only be taken one time per day. In order start the quest, talk to boss kumi, who located in most cities and she’ll give you 1 free Sengoku class one day pass. A player must be level 13 or above to start the quest.

After acquiring the ticket and accepting the quest ‘Red Leaf High: The Sengoku’ing. Players will be asked to slay 300 monsters in their level range. Afterwards, the player will be transported to a classroom and beat a doppelganger of one of the classes, which drops oda coins. These coins are used to purchase items from the four pillars of heaven. The average coins a player can get is 45-55 each run, if lucky, monsters may drop 60-70 oda coins per run. Additionally, if you’re rich, you can purchase a ticket from the cash shop for additional runs per day. The items being sold from four pillars of heaven are totems that give +24 str/dex/int/luk and 8 Matt. Totems are expensive. It costs 1,000 oda coins. Other rewards include School bag, Onmyouji effect coupons, Kohai Medal and Senpai medal.

MapleStory Items Update: Black Bean Boss

The black bean boss, also known as the black creature is now available to play with this summer! A player must be level 70 or above to play or fight with black bean. The user must be in a party to enter the habitat of black bean. Black bean can only be beaten 5 times per day. Challenge doesn’t exist for players 120-180. Black bean will be in mercy to players 120 or above.

MapleStory Items Update: 10th Anniversary Armor Box

To celebrate maplestory’s 10th anniversary or maplestory last moments due to soon to be released maplestory 2. They are giving a chance of obtaining a 10th anniversary box each time a monster is killed. This event will last until June 24. Before the release of maplestory 2, collect this 10th anniversary armor and get maplestory items from boxes for no reason, if you are planning to transfer to maplestory 2.

Summer has come for MapleStory Mesos Hunters in Update 162

The month of May is nearly done and so is the 10th Anniversary celebration. This doesn’t mean the fun stops however. Update 162 for MapleStory has been released and it contained fixes and events for those who hunt MapleStory Mesos and items. We’ll cover some of these changes and events in today’s article.


More experience for MapleStory Mesos hunters

Update 162 for MapleStory does away with the level restrictions for 2x EXP coupons. After the update, Maplers can buy 2x EXP coupons for their characters regardless of level. Aside from the restriction removal, the update introduced changes to the interface. Primarily to the experience related notifications. For example, notifications will now appear when there is an event that increases EXP and Drop rates. Once these events start, a slide notice will appear in the game. The Quest notifier menu will also now have an EXP and Drop rate icon to indicate the increase in rates. Finally, while player, Maplers will see a notification image every five miutes.

Flower festival for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From May 20 to June 2, Maplers can help Cassandra in the Spring Flower Festival event. In this event, players will need to hunt monsters around their level. The mobs will then drop spring items that can be handed over to Cassandra. Give her enough spring items and she will give you a flower. This can be an Azalea, Forsythia or a Clover.

The flowers have no use by themselves; however gather three of the same kind and you can get stickers. The latter can be exchange for the flowers through various NPCs in the game. There are three sticker types, one for each kind of flower. Azalea Stickers improve strength and dexterity by two, while Forsythia Stickers improve dexterity and luck by two. Lastly Clover Stickers boost luck and intelligence by two. All stickers last for a day and are untradeable.

Free gifts for your MapleStory Mesos hunters

Maplers can get free items through the [Lucky 3!3!3!] Daily Gifts event. During the event period, players will receive three gifts each day from the Maple Admin. As such, players need to have three slots available in their Use inventory. The three items are, Fresh Strawberry Juice (10), 1.3x EXP Coupon and Lucky 3!3!3! Event Teleport Rock.

MapleStory Mesos Hunters Celebrate 10 Years of MapleStory

It’s been a long ride, but an incredibly fun one for MapleStory. The now ten year old game however is not stopping and has a lot in store for MapleStory Mesos hunters worldwide. To help celebrate and thank long time players, 10th Anniversary Gift Packs will be given away. Find out how you can get yours here.


10th Anniversary Gift Pack for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Eligible players will receive a 10th Anniversary Gift Pack as part of the game’s 10th anniversary. The pack includes five Safety Charms, AP Reset Scroll, SP Reset Scroll, 1,000 Reward Points Token, Equip Tab 8 Slot Coupon, Use Tab 8 Slot Coupon, Set-Up Tab 8 Slot Coupon, Etc Tab 8 Slot Coupon, 300 Power Elixirs, 100 All-Cure Potions and 10th Anniversary Effect. Note that the items cannot be traded to other characters.

How to get it for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

To be eligible for the 10th Anniversary Gift Pack, a player’s account needs to have a character at level 31 or higher. Additionally, only accounts that have been registered before May 5, 2015 are eligible to receive the gift pack. Lastly, the account needs to be logged in at least once between May 7 and May 11.

The gift pack will be given only once per account. Additionally, the account must not be banned and must have a valid email. This is because the retrieval details for the gift pack will be sent to the account’s registered email. Furthermore, the gift pack can only be claimed by a character on the account that is at or above level 31. Finally, the gift pack will be distributed at least one week after the end of the log-in period.

Events to get MapleStory Mesos from

The celebration for MapleStory’s 10th anniversary will last the whole month of May. During this time Maplers will be able to celebrate through various events. In the Beginning, There Was a Mushroom, is one of these events. Another is the Cake vs Pie event which will run alongside the 10th Anniversary Festival. These three will run from May 6 to June 2. Special Cash Shop promotions will also run during the anniversary with exclusive items for players.