Books, Spring Covers and more for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

It’s time to check out this week’s deals for MapleStory Mesos hunters over at the MapleStory Cash Shop. From free items from books, to Spring-themed Equipment Covers, the Cash Shop has you covered. You can even get items for you and your friends at discounted prices.


Free items from a book for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From April 9 to April 21, Maplers can get Philosopher’s Books from the Limited Time Specials category from the MapleStory Cash Shop. Each book sells for 2,600 NX. Players however can buy a bundle of eleven for 26,000 NX. The book can be opened using a Philosoquill Pen. The latter can be obtained by killing monsters near your level. Alternatively, you can purchase it from General Stores in most towns. Once opened the Philosopher’s Book will give you two items. Items that can be obtained from the book include level 150 Fafnir weapons, a Dragon Khanjar, various permanent mounts, scrolls and more. Note that the book will be consumed once opened. For a full list of possible items to get from the book, check out this page.

Hunt MapleStory Mesos in Spring themed covers

Spring has come and it is time to enjoy nature’s return with Permanent Equipment Covers with Spring themes. From April 8 to April 14 these covers can be obtained from the Limited Time Specials category of the Cash Shop. Available covers include a Spring Hat for 3,000 NX, and Rainbow Afro Wig for 2,500 NX. You can dress up your character with a Royal Rainbow Hood and Zip-Up Jacket each selling for 4,000 NX. Other colorful items include Rainbow Hooded Pancho, Striped Hoodie, Tie-Dye Shirt, and Shorts, each costing just 3,000 NX. Be sure to check out the sale page for more info.

Celebrate friendship between MapleStory Mesos hunters

Have a friend or special someone you play MapleStory with? Then get permanent Friendship or Couple items. Available from April 8 to April 14, these items have a special effect when two players wearing the items are near each other. Players can get Friendship Shirts for 6,000 NX each, while Bunny Love T-Shirts for couples also retail for the same price. Shared Umbrella Ring and Friendship Ring: Flower Petal also go for just 6,000 NX.

MapleStory Mesos Hunters! Your Help is Needed in Maple Leaf High!

Maple Leaf High is open and once again it is in need of help from MapleStory Mesos hunters. Players can take this opportunity to enter the school and complete challenges for items and nifty rewards. Today’s guide will cover how to play this premium mini-dungeon and what rewards can be obtained from it.


How your MapleStory Mesos hunters can help

Before you can enter Maple Leaf High, you have to first make sure that your character is at or above level 13. You will also need to leave whatever party you are in as the dungeon is solo only. You can start earning MapleStory Mesos and items by talking to NPC Schrodinger who can be found in most towns.

Once per day, Maplers can go into the school and complete challenges to progress through the room. Additional forays into the school however require a Maple Leaf High Special Class Key. This item can be bought from the Cash Shop for 400 NX per piece or 4,000 NX for a bundle of 11. Completing the quests and challenges in the school will give players Model Student Candy that can be used to get items.

Totems for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Totems are equippable non-trade items players can get from participating in the Maple Leaf High mini-dungeon. They come in four types: Boss Kumi, Schrodinger, Captain Finger and Four Pillars of Heaven. Each type has several unique variants. This means Maplers cannot equip duplicate Totems. Some of the available Totems are Schrodinger At The Gym, Schrodinger At The Chem Lab, Silver Captain Finger Totem, and Golden Captain Finger Totem. For a full list of Totems and their stats, players should head to the Maple Leaf High’s homeroom where they can be obtained.

MapleStory Mesos and other rewards

New items have been added for Maplers to exchange Model Student Candy for. Two of these items include Schrodinger’s Box and School Outfit Box. The latter gives players a random school-themed item that last 30 days. The Schrodinger’s Box on the other hand gives items ranging from weapons, chairs ot items for upgrading. Both boxes cannot be traded.

Three other items have been added to the Coin Shop. The first is a Magic Pocket Pouch to open up a pocket slot. Mathematical! is a medal that increases a characters attributes by four among other things. Algebraic! is a much more powerful version of this medal.

New MapleStory Items from Black Heaven: First Chapter Update

Update 160 for MapleStory gave fans the all new Black Heaven saga. In the new update Maplers can get mesos and MapleStory items through a new storyline. Learn more about Orchid and Lotus and the changes this update brings in today’s guide. We’ll also check out what events are in store for spring.


A new arc to get MapleStory Items

The newest update brings the first chapter of the Black Heaven Saga to Maplers. Players will be able to join the resistance and the Maple Alliance to ward of the Black Wings. Featuring all new graphics and game mechanics, players can help uncover the secret of Orchid and Lotus as they go through the new story arc. Members of the resistance won’t just battle new baddies, but they will also need to solve intricate puzzles, and break a difficult password. They will also need to be on their toes and avoid obstacles and threats that will chase them down.

Note that the new Black Heaven content is divided into different acts. These are unlocked as players go through and finish each one.

Resistance revamped for MapleStory Items

Maplers who play as Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, or Mechanic will get changes to their classes via the Black Heaven update. Battle Mages will have access to Black Magic and dark spirit familiars that will fight alongside you. Wild Hunters also get an update for their pet Jaguars and new abilities to use while riding them. Lastly, Mechanics have been simplified to fully unleash their strength in battle.

Players creating new Resistance characters will be treated to new looks for their characters. Newly created toons will be able to pick among new hair and face styles available to both genders.

MapleStory Items from spring events

The new update also brings new events for coming Spring and Easter season. Maplers will be able to collect Easter Eggs that can be used to get a Moon Bunny costume. Chairs, MapleStory items and more can also be received from the Mad Bunny in exchange for help. The upcoming Rainbow Event will have players collect seven colored crayons for Rainbow equipment and more. Lastly, fans of the Maple Leaf High will be able to go back to school soon!

[GUIDE]A Darker Valentines Event for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Tired of all the happy couples in MapleStory during the Valentines Event? Well don’t despair, there are other events during this season that Maplers can participate in. You can hunt MapleStory Mesos as a Vampire. You can even get items and equipment from Blackheart day and advice for dating. We’ll look into these three events today.


Turn your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a Vampire

From February 4 until March 3, players can turn their characters into a Vampire. This can be done by hunting monsters near their level and obtaining Vampire’s Blood. Being part of the kindred will then allow them to take on different quests. Finishing the quests will then reward players with various items including Bloody Queen Chair, Killer Ace Chair and more. Maplers can also cure the Vampire Virus to receive a Childhood Friend Heart along with a Darkhound Android. For a full list of rewards, make sure to check out the official event page.

Blackheart day for MapleStory Mesos hunters

Single on Valentines day? Don’t let that stop you from having fun. With the Blackheart day running from February 4 to February 24, players can get items and MapleStory mesos for their characters. Gather Monster Love Detectors by hunting monsters near your level. These items can then be used to summon monster couples or a Lovestruck King Slime. Kill these to obtain Blackheart Day drops.

Through the event, players can also earn Singles Points, Lovey-Dover Rings and Heartbreaking Necklaces. Maplers can then use these to get themselves damage skins, equipment, items and a Single Serving Chocolate Chair. Who says you have to be with anyone to enjoy Valentines?

Buffs for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

If you’re still pining for a sweetheart but keep on failing on getting one, then you might need some advice. From February 18 to March 3, Maplers can get Cassandra’s Dating Advice. To start the event, talk to NPC Cassandra. She will then give you a Lovestruck Crystal Ball. Players then simply need to stay logged in for 30 minutes. After this waiting period, the item will turn into a Shiny Lovestruck Crystal Ball. Finish the quest and you can get buffs for your MapleStory Mesos hunter.

Collect Lovely MapleStory Items from the Valentine’s Day Event

It’s that time of the year again where Cupid’s arrows are flying and love is spread all around. This year, MapleStory has a lot of MapleStory items in store for Maplers. Have your characters eat their fill of chocolates and candies while they hunt monsters. Many themed items can also be obtained from the numerous boxes available during the event.


Chocolate MapleStory Items for Maplers

If you’re feeling lonely anytime between February 4 and February 17, then log into the game. Speak with NPC Cassandra and she will give you Valentine’s Day Chocolate. Do not be too hasty and eat it however. Wait thirty minutes and it will turn into Love-Filled Valentine’s Day Chocolate. You can then have your character eat it to receive the Sweet V Chocolate Buff to help you when farming mesos.

More candy and MapleStory Items

If your character is still craving more candies for their sweet tooth then do this simple activity between February 4 and February 24. Log into the game and collect Colored Sugar and Decoration Ribbons. These MapleStory items are dropped by monsters within your character’s level range. When you have the items, head over to Ace of Hearts Patissier to convert them into White Day Candy.  The candy can be eaten for extra EXP. Alternatively, Maplers can give the candy to an NPC as a gift. If gifted this way, players will get either a White Day Gift Box or a title. Other rewards include Heart Balloon Damage Skin, Candyflower Chair and more.

MapleStory Items from Valentine’s boxes

From February 4 to February 24, Maplers can collect more Valentines themed MapleStory items by hunting monster within their level range. Lovely Valentine’s Day Boxes have a chance to drop for players. These boxes contain random rewards that include Lovely V Chair, Scribble Crush Damage Skin, potions and more.

Players can also gather 100 pieces of Sweet Chocolate by hunting monsters within their level range. The pieces can then be turned into a Valentine’s Day Box. Once opened, the box has a chance to give Maplers rewards like Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls, Master Book 20, Potentials Scrolls, different kinds of potions and restorative MapleStory items.