MapleStory Mesos and Items from Hunting New Elite Monsters

The Rising Heroes Elite update for MapleStory added special Elite and Boss encounters to the game. They are unlike the usual boss monsters MapleStory Mesos hunters can face. This is because these encounters can happen in normal areas. Knowing how to trigger them can help you avoid them or farm them for MapleStory items.


Spawning Elites and Bosses for MapleStory Mesos

Defeating a certain number of normal monsters while hunting MapleStory Mesos have a chance to summon Elite monsters. These Elites have more HP. They are also more powerful than their normal counterparts. Elites are also larger then normal mobs. Defeating several of these Elites will cause an Elite Boss to spawn. These monsters are to be taken seriously as they have high amounts of health. Elite Bosses also come with two Elite bodyguards.

MapleStory Mesos and item rewards

Defeating an Elite Boss will unlock a bonus stage. Players can win items like Potential Slot Carvers and Clean Slate Scrolls in this stage. All Elites will also drop increased MapleStory Mesos as well as high quality items.