Heavy Damage Dealers of Magic in Hunting MapleStory Mesos

The magician branch of the Cygnus Knights, Blaze Wizards wields wild and potent fire magic. Like other Cygnus Knights, they are able to call forth the Elements to help them in battle. The Blaze Wizards are led by the Chief Knight of Fire Oz, who resides on Empress’s Road in Ereve. Aspiring masters of fire should create a Cygnus Knight, level their Noblesse to 10, and confirm their decision with Oz.

cygnus knights for hunting maplestory mesos

Many of the Blaze Wizard’s skills are imbued with fire elemental power which is effective for hunting MapleStory Mesos, allowing the player to hit harder against fire weak monsters, but be almost unable to kill monsters resistant to fire.

Job Advancement for Hunting MapleStory Mesos

In playing Wizards for hunting MapleStory Mesos, advancements are divided into four (4);

  • 1st Job – At level 10, players have the opportunity to become a Blaze Wizard. They must speak to the tactician Neinheart in Ereve. Afterwards, just speak to Oz on the left part of the same map and she will advance the player to a Blaze Wizard.
  • 2nd Job – At level 30, Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb. He will tell you to talk to your job instructor at Ereve. Talk to Oz, who tells you to go to the Second Drill Hall and kill 30 Tigurus of Exam. Afterwards, head back to Oz and you will receive the second job advancement.
  • 3rd Job – At level 60, Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb. Accept the quest, and then head to Helios Tower’s Library and talk to Wiz the Librarian.
  • 4th Job – At level 100, Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb. He will tell you about a Black Wings member hanging around the Grave of a Wrecked Ship. Head there and talk to Wightmare, a minion of the new Black Wings General, who will send you to a dream map. Afterwards, you will be sent back to the Grave of a Wrecked Ship.

Profiting MapleStory Mesos

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