Introduction to a Samurai Warrior Inspired Class to Hunt MapleStory Mesos

Samurai Anegasaki Kenji or Hayato is a playable character originating from Mark of Honor. Armed with a Katana and a Wakizashi to hunt for MapleStory Mesos, Hayato uses quick, flashy combos to slice through his enemies.

hayato class for hunting maplestory mesos

Hayato joins forces with the military and Kanna for the sake of preventing the ritual of the Demon King’s Descendant. After stopping the ritual, he and his allies are suddenly transported to Maple World for an unknown reason, where Hayato must regain his strength and continue to stop the Demon King.

Story of a MapleStory Mesos Hunter

In Japan, June 21, 1582 at Honnou-ji in Kyoto; although the brutal warlord Oda Nobunaga was cementing his control of Japan, it wasn’t enough to slake his thirst for power. Seeking immortality and to become a new demon king, he prepared a ritual at Honnou-ji in Kyoto. The feudal lords banded together and waged a fierce battle with the Oda forces in a desperate last bid to stop the evil lord. While the armies clashed outside, the legendary samurai, Hayato, fought his way into the temple and challenged Oda himself to stop the ritual.

While the two traded blows, a pillar of light erupted from the temple, casting all it enveloped into a strange world. Weakened by the unfamiliar energy of this world, Hayato must regain his strength and battle once more against the spread of Nobunaga’s dark ambitions.

Job Advancements; upon reaching level 30, to make the job advancement, simply accept Hayato’s quest. The third job advancement is given automatically upon reaching level 60, and the fourth job advancement at level 100.

Profiting MapleStory Mesos

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