MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics

In order to create a wonderful environment, we need ethics. Having ethics in mind is like a guide to players what is right and wrong. It is like a program installed in a player’s mind to classify what to do and what not to do.

However, applying ethics in an online game is like planting a plant without soil. There is no basis on why players should follow such rules because it is not a rule published by the developers.

MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics: Language

Adjust on the country language. If the server is on the US, definitely, players have to speak English. Do not speak any language aside from English, except, if you are talking to a person with the same tongue as you.

If English is not your native tongue, study the language. If you decide to play on an English server, learn their language first before creating a character.

Remember, if you are in another server with different language. Do not play, unless you know their language.

MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics: Do not Beg

Begging is stupid. Seriously, why did you even bother playing the game if you are just going to run around, begging people? You played the game because you want to enjoy, you want immersion, you want thrill, and now you are going to beg for equipment? That is just plain stupid.

MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics: KSING

Kill stealing is subjective. It totally depends on the monster. If it is a boss monster, it could be stolen.  It is competition.

Sometimes it all depends on the community. If the people in the server do not kill steal a boss monster, do the same.

Ethic is like a foundation of a good community. And every culture, every game community has its own ethics, follow them!


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