Collect Lovely MapleStory Items from the Valentine’s Day Event

It’s that time of the year again where Cupid’s arrows are flying and love is spread all around. This year, MapleStory has a lot of MapleStory items in store for Maplers. Have your characters eat their fill of chocolates and candies while they hunt monsters. Many themed items can also be obtained from the numerous boxes available during the event.


Chocolate MapleStory Items for Maplers

If you’re feeling lonely anytime between February 4 and February 17, then log into the game. Speak with NPC Cassandra and she will give you Valentine’s Day Chocolate. Do not be too hasty and eat it however. Wait thirty minutes and it will turn into Love-Filled Valentine’s Day Chocolate. You can then have your character eat it to receive the Sweet V Chocolate Buff to help you when farming mesos.

More candy and MapleStory Items

If your character is still craving more candies for their sweet tooth then do this simple activity between February 4 and February 24. Log into the game and collect Colored Sugar and Decoration Ribbons. These MapleStory items are dropped by monsters within your character’s level range. When you have the items, head over to Ace of Hearts Patissier to convert them into White Day Candy.  The candy can be eaten for extra EXP. Alternatively, Maplers can give the candy to an NPC as a gift. If gifted this way, players will get either a White Day Gift Box or a title. Other rewards include Heart Balloon Damage Skin, Candyflower Chair and more.

MapleStory Items from Valentine’s boxes

From February 4 to February 24, Maplers can collect more Valentines themed MapleStory items by hunting monster within their level range. Lovely Valentine’s Day Boxes have a chance to drop for players. These boxes contain random rewards that include Lovely V Chair, Scribble Crush Damage Skin, potions and more.

Players can also gather 100 pieces of Sweet Chocolate by hunting monsters within their level range. The pieces can then be turned into a Valentine’s Day Box. Once opened, the box has a chance to give Maplers rewards like Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls, Master Book 20, Potentials Scrolls, different kinds of potions and restorative MapleStory items.

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