MapleStory Mesos Fans! It’s Time to Join the Cadet Corps!

MapleStory is giving anime fans another treat with another Maple World cross-up with anime. This time Maplers get to experience the world of Attack on Titan in-game. To be launched on January 21, players can get exclusive MapleStory items and mesos through special themed content.


MapleStory Mesos from a new world

Starting January 21, Maplers can enter the world of Attack on Titan to embark on an epic adventure. The portal that links the Maple World to this dangerous world however is only accessible to characters level 30 and above. Once inside, Maplers must use special Coins to play through the themed content.

Events and quests in the world of Attack of Titan will have players battle the fearsome creatures alongside familiar faces. Enlist in the Cadet Corps and take on the Titans with Eren, Mikasa and Annie by your side.

Wir Sind Die MapleStory Mesos Jager

Maplers are certainly not prey and players can prove this in a series of quests and challenges. Players can head to the top of Wall Rose to fend off the Titan invasion. Equip your very own omni-directional mobility gear and show the Colossal Titan just how the real hunters are.

Exclusive items for MapleStory Mesos hunters

While being able to experience the world of Attack of Titan with your own characters is a reward in itself, there are many items that await brave Maplers. Finishing quests and winning the challenges will reward players with MapleStory Mesos and exclusive items. These include specially themed medals, totems and more.

The MapleStory Cash Shop will also have exclusive Attack on Titan inspired items. Players can buy covers and styles that will make them official members of the Cadet Corps, complete with their own omni-directional mobility gear. You can even make your character look like Eren, Mikasa, Armin or Levi. There will also be chairs and accessories all Attack on Titan themed!

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