Maplestory Mesos Earning Tips and Guides Here!

Being low level shouldn’t stop you from planning to earn more maplestory mesos.


How to earn maplestory mesos at the starting game?

At the beginning of your character’s adventure, you’ll be a “beginner” explorer; within that training period, you’ll be able to get maplestory mesos as well as few items that you can use as you level up.

Joining Events gives a lot of maplestory mesos. Aside for the fun part, special items are being given away and so as additional mesos.

Familiarizing with the group of classes before investing your time and maplestory mesos

There are several groups of classes in Maplestory; some are “godly” some are “classic” but when it comes to gameplay its different. There are group of classes that can be maplestory mesos saving and some requires you to spend a lot of maplestoy mesos. Just like with different MMO, they have several combat types which are melee, range, heal and magic.

Getting to your maplestory mesos EXPLORER class category

Before you get Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, or a Pirate; being a Beginner is required. The game requires one player to undergo Beginner first and will be able to get first job advancement after achieving level 8. Chance of getting maplestory mesos is would be difficult, since it’s hard for them to kill monsters.


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