Celebrate St. Patricks Day with Items for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

St. Patrick’s day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and wear green anymore. Thanks to the recent update to the Cash Shop, MapleStory Mesos hunters can get St. Patrick’s Day themed styles, Resistance cover equips and new royal styles. Check out what on sale in this guide.


Green styles for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From March 11 to March 17, Maplers can get St. Patrick’s Day Surprise Style Box from the MapleStory Cash Shop. The boxes sell for 3,400 NX a piece while a bundle of eleven sells for 34,000 NX. Each box randomly gives out a permanent piece of equipment with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Note that there are around 60 different  items that can be obtained from the box. Some of these include Iris Psyche, Green Ribbon Hairband, Olive Beanie, Vintage Hoodie Jacket, and various other green articles of clothing for your character. Three different Green Rings are also available. Interested players can get the box from the Limited Time Specials category under the Special Promotions part of the Cash Shop Page.

Resistance covers for MapleStory Mesos hunters

If wearing green is not your thing, then check out the Resistance themed Permanent Equipment Covers. These are perfect if you are planning to join the Black Heaven Saga. From March 11 to March 17, these covers will be available in the Limited Time Specials category of the Cash Shop. Players can get a full set of Battle Mage equipment covers from the Battle Mage Outfit Box for 13,080 NX. If you prefer to look like a Wild Hunter, the Wild Hunter Outfit Box retails for 11,040 NX.  Lastly, the Mech Pilot Outfit Box goes for 11,040 NX for Maplers who like to play with robots.

To complete your equipment cover, Battle Mage Staff, Wild Hunter Crossbow and The Jackal weapon covers are also available. These covers sell for 5,000 NX each.

Hunt MapleStory Mesos with new Royal Styles

The most recent update added new Royal Styles for Maplers to wear or add to their collection. From March 11 to March 24, players can get a Royal Face or Royal Hair coupon for just 3,300 NX. The new update adds Samurai Ponytail, Sharp Cut, Roly Poly Hair, and Scarf Hair. You can check out the other styles available here.

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