MapleStory Mesos and Items by Unleashing the Cook in You

They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but really, it is the route to anyone’s heart. In Maplestory’s newest event, Maplers can help Chef Beefy prepare meals in exchange for cheap MapleStory Mesos, items and more. Today’s guide will get you set up to be an amazing chef.


Sending your MapleStory Mesos hunter to the kitchen

Running from July 22 to September 15, the Beefy’s Kitchen Event has Maplers take care of the missing chef’s kitchen. Players can join the event by going through the Event Hall and selecting Tangyoon’s Calling. Alternatively the can use a Specialized Teleport Rock. Note that only those level 33 and above can join the event.

Once you are in-charge of the kitchen, you will have to improve it. This can be done by crafting various items, food and even Cash Shop items. As for ingredients, you can buy them using Beefy Coins. These, in turn, can be obtained by hunting monsters near your character’s level. If you manage to upgrade your kitchen to Stage 3, you can get 10 Beefy Coins from a crate in the kitchen. The more items you craft, and the more your kitchen improves, the better your rewards and benefits will be.

MapleStory Mesos hunters can critique food too

Like with any establishment serving food, there will always be critics. As your kitchen gets better, you will be able to create special food that can be rated and commented on by other Maplers. This also has the benefit of giving a buff to you and the food critic. Rating is important as the better your feedback score, the more powerful the buffs you will receive be. Additionally, the top five comments about your dishes will be displayed above your character’s head. How’s that for advertising?

MapleStory Mesos and item rewards

Maplers can win various rewards for their MapleStory Mesos Hunter from the event.  The most common rewards you can get are the Cash Shop items you will be cooking up yourself. This includes items like Pet Skills, Scissors of Karma and Water of Life. Aside from these, players can get tasty weapons, different chef outfits and hats, and weapon covers. You can even get Beefy’s Food Truck Mount.

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