An Update of Ice and Fire for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Update 163 – FIREPOWER is here and with it comes a massive event that will help low level MapleStory Mesos hunters. Earn levels quickly as Burning Characters. Help your frosty friends and earn items, mesos, and FIREPOWER coins. Use the latter to obtain special equipment to help hunt boars, various monsters and more for even more loot.


A Game of MapleStory Mesos

The Agents of FIREPOWER event will run from July 8 to September 1. During this event players will be split between two types of agents: Icy Agents chilled by the winds of winter, and Hot Agents as fiery as dragon’s breath. Players will be sorted depending on their active time. Those who played before June 1, 2015 and those joining after July 8, 2015, will become Icy Agents. All others are Hot Agents. Icy Agents will get a 30 Day Frozen Hat Coupon and a title appropriate to their status. Meanwhile, Hot Agents get the Hot Agent Title and White Hot Energy.

A Dance with MapleStory Mesos hunters

While all men must die, Icy and Hot Agents do not need to kill each other. Instead, they are rewarded for being allies. Since Icy Agents will know nothing of the game due to their absence or being new, Hot Agents are encouraged to work with them. Through the Bestie Hunt event, friending an agent of the opposite type than you are will give you special rewards. They will be given 20 FIREPOWER Coins and will have a Bestie Effect when in close proximity.

Winter is coming so it is important for Icy Agents to work together. During the event, Maplers will get an EXP bonus the more Icy Agents there are in the party. The bonus ranges from 5% bonus for a single Icy Agent, up to 20% for having four and more.

A Storm of Coins and MapleStory Mesos

During the event, players will get FIREPOWER Coins, these can then be traded for items. From July 8 to September 9, Agent Chillson will be in the Event Hall to trade your coins for items. You can get Job Advancement Coins, Maple Teleport Rocks, mounts, skins, your own iron throne and other chairs. Be sure to speak with Agent Chillson to see a full list of items and their prices.

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