MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server

A lot of people especially the ones who have not played maplestory and planning to play, do not know this maplestory reboot thingy. Maplestory reboot is a fresh server where everybody starts from the beginning. The server features balanced jobs, stronger monsters but more experience, new combat system and more events!

The developers of maplestory wanted to bring nostalgic feeling to players and fruitful experience to those who wanted to play maplestory.

MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server: What to Expect

In a new server, you can expect a vivid adventure, more players in fields and dungeon than the market, more strangers and optimized server with immunity to 3rd party programs.

The reboot server offers fair gameplay. Literally, it means fair. Cash shops and trading systems are disabled. You will get what you need as you progress through the game. Items will be dropped by monsters and sold by the NPC.

If you want to dominate in this server, you will need companions not money which is more fun than the classic server.

This server is created for players not for the developers. It is something that everybody could have fun, not just the rich players.

MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server: Job Balancing

All classes are getting balanced; from the basic calculation of cooldown, final damage, buff duration and skill being removed.

If this is the case, you can expect a balanced player vs player and fun grinding.

MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server: Transfer Hammer

Transfer hammer system allows you to transfer an item’s enhancements and soul information to another item. However, enhancement is decreased by 1 upon transfer.

Take note that transfer hammer is not applicable to all items. There are limitations too.


Discuss what you think about the new reboot server of maplestory with maplestory mesos farmers in the market where people buy mesos!

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