MapleStory Mesos – Server Merge

Server merge is a common thing that happens in most MMORPG. It is where two servers become one due to the following reason: both servers lack players, balanced gameplay, more competitive experience and more interactions.

In general, server merge is both good and bad. For players who have gained their high end gears, there would be no problem for them, but for players who are relatively new to the game may have a hard time after server merge.

It is going to be a hard time for new players because economy is sure to churn.


MapleStory Mesos – Economy

Maplestory mesos is what holds the world of maplestory.

The inconsistent economy of MMORPG genre is the tough opponent of new players. Every aspiring maplesotry players will need gears in order to accomplish something, which is in-line with the economy.

If the economy is bad, it is going to be a tough experience for the new players. They are going to have a hard time grinding their aspired gears.

In fact, it is not all that bad. There are chances that the economy would be an ideal economy for new players (talking about maplestory, there is only a low chance that this could happen.)

There are chances that the economy would be in the favor of new players, but it is unlikely to happen in an old server of maplestory.


The most interesting part of server merge is the competition of guilds. If you are a veteran player, you would love to compete with other guilds and the players in PvP of other servers.


In general, it is a good thing for servers to merge, especially if there are fewer players in a server. The sole reason why MMORPG servers are divided is: because an overpopulated world would be troublesome for players, mob stealing would be more frequent. If there are less players, in a server, it is better to merge than to stay divided.

With the merged servers, people have the opportunity to buy mesos with each other.

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