Summer has come for MapleStory Mesos Hunters in Update 162

The month of May is nearly done and so is the 10th Anniversary celebration. This doesn’t mean the fun stops however. Update 162 for MapleStory has been released and it contained fixes and events for those who hunt MapleStory Mesos and items. We’ll cover some of these changes and events in today’s article.


More experience for MapleStory Mesos hunters

Update 162 for MapleStory does away with the level restrictions for 2x EXP coupons. After the update, Maplers can buy 2x EXP coupons for their characters regardless of level. Aside from the restriction removal, the update introduced changes to the interface. Primarily to the experience related notifications. For example, notifications will now appear when there is an event that increases EXP and Drop rates. Once these events start, a slide notice will appear in the game. The Quest notifier menu will also now have an EXP and Drop rate icon to indicate the increase in rates. Finally, while player, Maplers will see a notification image every five miutes.

Flower festival for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From May 20 to June 2, Maplers can help Cassandra in the Spring Flower Festival event. In this event, players will need to hunt monsters around their level. The mobs will then drop spring items that can be handed over to Cassandra. Give her enough spring items and she will give you a flower. This can be an Azalea, Forsythia or a Clover.

The flowers have no use by themselves; however gather three of the same kind and you can get stickers. The latter can be exchange for the flowers through various NPCs in the game. There are three sticker types, one for each kind of flower. Azalea Stickers improve strength and dexterity by two, while Forsythia Stickers improve dexterity and luck by two. Lastly Clover Stickers boost luck and intelligence by two. All stickers last for a day and are untradeable.

Free gifts for your MapleStory Mesos hunters

Maplers can get free items through the [Lucky 3!3!3!] Daily Gifts event. During the event period, players will receive three gifts each day from the Maple Admin. As such, players need to have three slots available in their Use inventory. The three items are, Fresh Strawberry Juice (10), 1.3x EXP Coupon and Lucky 3!3!3! Event Teleport Rock.

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