More Attack on Titan Events for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

The Attack on Titan crossover with MapleStory is far from over. As such, we are here with another guide for the events Maplers can join during the crossover. Get Play Coins, themed items and more for your MapleStory Mesos hunter.


MapleStory Mesos hunters attack daily

From January 21 to February 18, Maplers can do the Daily Attack on Maple event and the Attack on Mission event. Both events can be taken through the event notifier located on the left of the screen.

The Daily Attack on Maple event requires characters level 30 and above to simply log in. Once inside the game, the quest will reward the character with five play coins. Maplers can choose whether these will be five Training Coins or five Wall Coins. Note that only one character per world can receive the reward each day.

The Attack on Mission event has players hunt 300 monsters to receive either one Training or Wall Coin. The monsters need to be around the characters level to count. This event can be completed up to five times each day. You’ll be able to get MapleStory Mesos and coins in one go!

More EXP for MapleStory Mesos hunters

Running from January 21 to February 18 is the Attack on EXP event. This event is applicable only to Maplers level 30 and up. For this event, players simply need to log in during the weekends. Upon arrival in-game, eligible players will be given eight 1.5x EXP (30 min) Coupons. Note that the coupons can be moved between characters on the account. Additionally, the quest can only be completed once a week per character.

Rewards for MapleStory Mesos hunters

Completing the main Attack on Titan event quests and episodes reward players with various themed items. Simply finishing the main story will give Maplers an Other World Regiment Badge. Meanwhile, finishing the mini-games and the Battle of Wall Rose will give players a reward box. Higher ranking will make the box give better rewards. Note however that the rewards are given randomly. These include [Attack on Titan] Totem Pouch, [Attack on Titan] Badge Box, various scrolls, Play Coins and more. To check out a complete list, including the contents of the Totem Pouch and Badge Box, check the official event announcement page.

[GUIDE]Getting MapleStory Mesos From the Attack on Titan Event Part 2

Continuing our previous guide on how to participate in the Attack on Titan Event in MapleStory, we will show you the activities your MapleStory Mesos hunter can do. Note that these are for the main event and not the other small quests and events players can do in update 159.


Following the story with your MapleStory Mesos hunters

The main Attack on Titan event starts with the entry quest given by the event notifier. From there Maplers will have to finish a small jump challenge to get into the other world. In there, you will have to go through a brief tutorial orienting you on the mechanics used by the event including rock-paper-scissors training, using the omni-directional maneuver gear and more.

After clearing the tutorial you can then progress to the three episodes that make up the main event. The first event is The Fall of Shiganshina, followed by Cadets Corps Daily Routine. The third and final event is The Battle of Wall Rose. Note that these episodes require Play Coins to participate in. Completion of these will reward the player with themed MapleStory items.

Training your MapleStory Mesos hunter

The first episode of the main Attack on Titan event is similar to the jump challenge encountered to get the other world. The second episode however is broken into four different mini-games all with titles beginning with Training Corps and uses Training Coins.

The first of the mini-games is Training Corps – Mobility Training. In here Maplers will have to catch Well-Steamed Potatoes while avoiding other objects that are falling, all within three minutes. The next mini-game is ODM Training. This mini-game will have your character take out wooden Titan mock-ups with the help of  the Omni-Direction Maneuver gear. Players will need to take out all targets within five minutes while avoiding plummeting to their deaths.

Combat practice for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Training Corps – Hand-to-Hand Training is another of the mini-games in the second episode. This is a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors battle which is technically done hand-to-hand. The last training mini-game Combat Training however pits players against another team. Each team needs to rack up more points than the other by dealing damage to a fake Titan within a limited time period.

[GUIDE]Getting MapleStory Mesos From the Attack on Titan Event

Update 159 for MapleStory added events from the popular anime Attack on Titan. Through these events themed MapleStory items as well as MapleStory Mesos can be earned. We’ll cover the basics of how to participate in the event today. We’ll also go over the all important Coins this event uses.


Requirements for MapleStory Mesos hunters

With the success of the previous anime crossover, MapleStory is gave Maplers who love anime another treat. The newest update introduced the Attack on Titan event so players can experience the ups and downs of being a Cadet Corps member. The Attack of Titan main event will be running from January 21 until February 18. Note that only characters at or above level 30 can participate in the event. Players will also need to have Play Coins ready to access the special content.

Getting your MapleStory Mesos hunter to participate

Like with most events, interested players will need to accept the quest via the event notifier on the left side of the screen. In this case, pick the Attack on Titan event and subsequently, the [Attack on Titan] Who Are You? quest. Next, your character will need to make his or her way across the gap between the Other World and Maple World. Once there, your character can access Attack on Titan content. Note that once this entry quest has been done, players can use the Dimensional Mirror to directly access the event contents.

Coins for MapleStory Mesos fans

Maplers will need to have Play Coins in order to access the Attack on Titan content beyond the initial tutorial quests. These coins come in two types: Training Coins and Wall Coins. The two can be obtained by playing through Attack on Titan events. The MapleStory Cash Shop also sells Coin Exchange coupons that will give player Play Coins once exchanged in-game.

Make your MapleStory Mesos Hunter a Member of the Cadet Corps

With v159 Attack on Titan for MapleStory, players get to experience the thrill of being a member of the Cadet Corps. The Cash Shop however goes further by letting Maplers turn their MapleStory Mesos hunters into their favorite characters with special MapleStory items.


Cadet Corps Uniforms for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From January 21 to February 17, Maplers can head to the Limited Time Specials category of the Cash Shop to get Attack on Titan Surprise Outfit Boxes. Selling for 3,400 NX a piece or 34,000 NX for a bundle of 11, these will randomly give players uniforms from the popular anime. Gather MapleStory Mesos while wearing Cadet Corps Uniforms, Scout Regiment Uniform or any of Eren’s, Mikasa’s or Levi’s Scout Regiment Uniform. Note that while the box randomly gives out a uniform, the items are permanent.

New Surprise Style Boxes for MapleStory Mesos fans

Get new Attack on Titan themed items from the Attack on Titan Surprise Style Boxes! These boxes will be on sale from January 21 to February 17 in the Limited Time Specials category of the Cash Shop. Each box gives players a chance to get one of eight items. These include Blade, Sasha’s Delicious Bread, ODM Gear, Cleaning Mask and more. One Attack on Titan Surprise Style Box sells for 3,400 NX. For a nice discount, you can buy a bundle of 11 for 34,000 NX. Note that the items are given out randomly and can be traded as long as they have not yet been equipped.

Themed hats for MapleStory Mesos fans

If you already have the uniform and gear of your favorite Cadet Corps member, why not turn your character into them with themed hats? Attack on Titan Surprise Hat Boxes are on sale in the Cash Shop from January 21 to February 17. Each box has a chance to give Maplers one of eleven items. This includes the faces of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and more. Players can also get these characters sitting on their head. For a full list, click here.

MapleStory Mesos Fans! It’s Time to Join the Cadet Corps!

MapleStory is giving anime fans another treat with another Maple World cross-up with anime. This time Maplers get to experience the world of Attack on Titan in-game. To be launched on January 21, players can get exclusive MapleStory items and mesos through special themed content.


MapleStory Mesos from a new world

Starting January 21, Maplers can enter the world of Attack on Titan to embark on an epic adventure. The portal that links the Maple World to this dangerous world however is only accessible to characters level 30 and above. Once inside, Maplers must use special Coins to play through the themed content.

Events and quests in the world of Attack of Titan will have players battle the fearsome creatures alongside familiar faces. Enlist in the Cadet Corps and take on the Titans with Eren, Mikasa and Annie by your side.

Wir Sind Die MapleStory Mesos Jager

Maplers are certainly not prey and players can prove this in a series of quests and challenges. Players can head to the top of Wall Rose to fend off the Titan invasion. Equip your very own omni-directional mobility gear and show the Colossal Titan just how the real hunters are.

Exclusive items for MapleStory Mesos hunters

While being able to experience the world of Attack of Titan with your own characters is a reward in itself, there are many items that await brave Maplers. Finishing quests and winning the challenges will reward players with MapleStory Mesos and exclusive items. These include specially themed medals, totems and more.

The MapleStory Cash Shop will also have exclusive Attack on Titan inspired items. Players can buy covers and styles that will make them official members of the Cadet Corps, complete with their own omni-directional mobility gear. You can even make your character look like Eren, Mikasa, Armin or Levi. There will also be chairs and accessories all Attack on Titan themed!