[GUIDE]Hunting MapleStory Mesos with the Bowman Explorer Class

The Explorer class in MapleStory is quite versatile. Players can freely shift to a different job once they have decided on the specialization they want. One of these specializations or jobs is the Bowmen. This Explorer class focuses on long range attacks using the bow. They also have great mob skills that are useful when hunter MapleStory Mesos and items.


MapleStory Mesos with ranged attacks

Bowmen are masters of long ranged damage with the bow. Dealing strong critical hits from afar, they can keep out of danger while hunting the most powerful mobs. New players however will need to be patient however as their damage can be inconsistent at lower levels. This is largely due to a lack of master skills. Once they advance to their second job however, they become a lethal force.

Turning your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a bowman

Players who picked the Explorer class can turn their character into a Bowman at level 10. They simple need to Henesys and seek out Athena Pierce. This NPC is often found in Henesys Park. After talking with the character, she will advance them to the Bowman class.

Job advancement for bowman MapleStory Mesos hunters

Bowmen have two paths available to them once they reach their Second Job Advancement. The first is the Hunter and the second is the Crossbow Man. The two further evolve in Ranger and Bow Master for Hunters, while Crossbow Man turns into Sniper and later Marksman. Once they reach Knights of Cygnus they can finally turn into the formidable Wind Archer.

For those curious, Hunters are geared towards speed and will use bows. Meanwhile, Crossbow Man, as the name implies, prefer crossbows. They are much slower than hunters, but dish out more damage on average. Both paths have access to an offensive pet that will assist them in their adventures.

Knowing Class Category EXPLORERS and Get Your Maplestory Mesos Ready!


EXPLORERS maybe the “classic” class but they are still kicking for maplestory mesos earning

It’s wrong to think that if there are NEW classes you will deprive the first or classic class in-game. Being classic doesn’t mean that they are “weak” compare to the new class, but they are more “stable” than the new ones. Lastly, classic class doesn’t need to spend a lot of maplestory mesos for their equipments.



-they are like “novice” from Ragnarok Online


-they can save few maplestory mesos from having less taxi fee, no exp loss upon death and lots of respect/reputation



-have the highest Health Points

-big amount of attack points and defense

-higher chance of going solo run and earning maplestory mesos alone



-extreme damage against monsters but has LOW HP and Defense

-in-demand for Party quest, Boss Fight and hunting. They are not able to loot much maplestory mesos since they are away from the loots all the time.


-Long range attack, splash damage

-low HP and defense

-able to kill bosses at the early age that makes them more maplestory mesos



-Fast short range attackers

-less damage but able to make many attacks at a short period of time



-low attack damage but has high hit rate