MapleStory Mesos – First Time Player

Maplestory’s world is so large that first time players can’t help to be confused. There are so many factors that entangle the world of maplestory which makes it complicated than your normal MMORPG.

Maplestory is one of the MMORPG games with large library of classes ranging from melee to range classes with different nature.

First time players would be overwhelmed with these massive contents, especially if someone who is not used to RPG or MMORPG. They might give up on the game real quick. Playing a game that is hard to understand is not satisfying at all.

MapleStory Mesos – Choosing your Main Character


Whether you want to or not, you have to create multiple characters as each character will be used to different kinds of purposes. However, you will have to eventually choose your main character, while the characters you have made will be the supporting characters for your main character.

There are a lot of classes in maplestory. Some of them are overpowered while some are underpowered. If you are not a loser, you will choose a character is neither underpowered nor overpowered.

Traditional Path

People often create a sub character to farm and accumulate sufficient maplestory mesos for their main character. This case often happens in an individual with a main character that does not have a good area of effect character.


If there are things you don’t understand, don’t forget that you surrounded by websites that could answer your questions.

Choose your main character upon starting the game and create necessary characters to support your main character. This will make your maplestory life a lot easier than switching main character over and over.

The traditional path is not always the most effective path. If you are creative you could disperse yourself from the traditional path and create your own path towards your grand adventure to maplestory and be overwhelmed to buy mesos at the end.

MapleStory Mesos – Maple is Purely PvE

Maplestory is a vast MMORPG that relied on gameplay instead of graphics. Instead of improving the graphics, they focus on creating new jobs, unripe jobs, in fact. They string the game’s narrative through adding new classes with its own narrative. When various classes are added, it will create a series of narrative that connects the strings, thus making plot, setting, characters, thereon, a new story is born.

However, introducing too many classes has its own advantage and disadvantage.

MapleStory Mesos – Too Many Classes

Imagine a game where there are so many mechanics that even unnecessary mechanics are added. It is chaotic. And that is how maplestory’s mechanics goes.

Player vs Player of maplestory is never serious. It has always been a battle of who has tons of maplestory mesos and someone who can buy mesos a lot. It is never the talk of skill. It is always a talk of who has the wealth and better character.

In contrast, with too many classes, it gives maplestory the vibe of unlimited adventure. Choose different classes and complete its story.

But in PvP, maplestory is a complete joke.

Side Scrolling

Although side scrolling games have the potential to become PvP oriented games, maplestory, one of the pioneer of side scrolling MMORPG did not have the kind of potential. With so many classes, it will always be have an unbalanced PvP mechanics. Except if the developers balanced the game which they are trying now with their updates and lots of maintenance.

The Community


The community of maplestory revolves around market and prices of items. Maplestory is one of those online games with the reputation of maplestory mesos black market.

The new server – Maplestory Reboot is a new server with no cash shops, players can’t use the trading system. All the items needed will be encountered or sold by NPC along the way.


Maplestory is a good game, especially its PvE. The game’s sole flaw is balance.