10th Anniversary Events for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

With the MapleStory 10th anniversary in full swing, you can get MapleStory Mesos, items, 10th Anniversary Coins and more through events. Get chairs and other rewards by helping mushrooms, hunting ikura and participating in pastry battles. We checked out Ikura Rising, Cake vs Pie and the mushroom event to give you a quick overview of them. Let’s begin.


MapleStory Mesos hunters helping mushrooms

Starting May 6 and lasting until June 2, the In the Beginning, There Was a Mushroom event will have players assist Scholarly ‘Shroom find out more about the Mysteries of Monsters. Helping this NPC through quests that answer why certain monsters jump, or why they have axes will reward Maplers with various items. These include Orange Monster Damage skins, Vroom Vroom Mushroom Mounts, Monster Researcher title and the much coveted 10th Anniversary Coins.

MapleStory Mesos from pastry wars

Every day from May 6 to June 2, players can participate in the war between the cakes and the pies. Called the Cake vs Pie event, Maplers will have to choose which baked goods they prefer and fight for it. Once you have selected your side, you can then hunt Cakes or Pies to rack up points for your team. If your team reaches the high score, then your team will be given special buffs. Note that the battle resets every midnight. This means, you can choose to fight for the other side the next day.

The event also comes with its own set of event quests. Clear this to receive various rewards. The latter includes Strawberry Shoulder and a Dessert Elixir.

Hunting Ikura for MapleStory Mesos

From May 6 to June 2 players can encounter Ikura monsters in various towns in MapleStory. These monsters designed by Mapler zEunWol was the winner of the Design-a-Monster contest in the MapleStory forums. Hunting and eliminating the monsters will give players a chance to loot Tiny Ikura items from their drops. Thirty of these, when collected, can then be turned into a medal. Since they are part of the 10th Anniversary Events, players will also be able to get 10th Anniversary Coins from these. Good luck and have fun hunting!