You Can Hunt MapleStory Mesos with a Beast Tamer Character Again

If you missed making a Beast Tamer to get MapleStory Mesos with the first time, you can make one now! This is thanks to the Beast Tamer Returns event in MapleStory. Best of all, you can also get free equipment and items to help level up your new Beast Tamer. We will check this out in today’s article.

Beast Tamer class for MapleStory Mesos hunting

From July 8 to August 18, players can create a Beast Tamer on their account. This magician type class has INT for its primary stat. Don’t let that fool you however, as the Beast Tamer can be played in various ways. This is due to her being able to summon and channel the strengths of four different animals. She can bring out her cat Arby for support purposes. Meanwhile, with her snow leopard Lai out she can be incredibly agile.  Bringing out Fort the bear will allow her to dish out huge amounts of damage, while Eka the hawk gives her impressive aerial moves.


Equipment for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

During the event period, Beast Tamer characters from level 10 to level 70 can receive free equipment for their character. Players can take the Beast Tamer Equipment Gift quest from the event notifier to receive their free equipment. Note that this quest can be taken every ten levels as long as they are between level 10 and level 70. However, be sure to get the reward once you hit the required level as going past it will disqualify you from it. Each equipment box has Beast Tamer gear appropriate for the level range. They are also untradeable.

A ring  for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Aside from the free equipment, players who make a Beast Tamer during the event can also get a Beast Tamer Critical Ring. This untradeable ring boosts Max HP and MP by 200, Magic ATT by 5, Critical Rate by 12% and Minimum Critical Damage by 1%. It can be obtained by taking the similarly named quest from the Event Notifier. Note that your character needs to be at least level 10 to take it. Afterwards, simply reach level 70 to get the ring.


Players can also upgrade their ring to a Beast Tamer Dark Critical Ring. The process is similar to the first ring, with a quest available in the Event Notifier. Players however need to reach level 130 to get the upgrade.