MapleStory Mesos – Migration

Nexon announced that they are going to migrate European server to North American server. Wherein, North American players don’t have to do anything, while European players have to do hassle stuff in order to transfer their characters in the American server.

After the migration, both European and North American players have now access to each other’s server.

It is all good that North American players get to meet European players; however, what does this mean?

MapleStory Mesos – Population

Nexon decided to merge European server to North American server is probably because the population of European server is going down, or worse, the server is dying due to lack of players, resulting into merging into North America.

The merge is not a full merge of characters and all the Europe’s data. It is not the merge you think. It is a merge where both North American and European players will have access to each other’s server but not a North America meets Europe, meaning you won’t meet European players in your current server but you can meet them through creating a new character and joining the European server.


Maplestory mesos would be a phenomenon upon the migration of both these servers. Wherein, there will be a North American player who wanted to transfer to European server for a reason and a European player to transfer North American server.

Some will even buy mesos from both servers, wanting to play in both European and North American servers.

The Era


Let’s take it. These things happen because the era of MMORPG is about to end. People don’t want to grind for hours in order to achieve a certain level. Nowadays, people seek competition. Wherein, in a single game, upon performing well, a player can raise his/her own self-esteem. It is not about grinding hard anymore. It is all about self-esteem.