MapleStory Mesos – Maplehood Watch

Enter the maplehood and be rewarded with valuable items like: platinum scissors of karma, miracle circulator, red cube and more!

In order to start the event, just simply accept the quests given called ‘not in my neighborhood.’

The event is pretty simple. There are monsters lying around the neighborhood and all the players have to do is kill these monsters to earn the rewards.

In this event, each day is special. Each day the rewards are special. Tuesday would be gachapon day; Thursday would be beauty day; Saturday would be enhancement day.

It is kind of surprising that maplestory is not having an emergency maintenance or announced maintenance. Probably, something is bound to happen soon. They are probably preparing for something.

MapleStory Mesos – Gachapon Day

Gachapon day is luck day. This is a fun event because players are hovering around the neighborhood looking for monsters to kill. This kind of scene is refreshing. It is like being a kid once again and looking for a four leaf clover. And the four leaf clover is the good item that will be coming from the gachapon.

On Tuesday, only a maximum 5 tickets can be accumulated by each player. Double click these tickets to get the item. It could be fafnir sets, empress sets, chairs or even high quality and fantastical androids.

Beauty Day

Beauty day is cosmetics day. This day is dedicated for players who are tired of their character’s face or appearance. In this specific day, they can change their hair or face!

Enhancement Day

This is the day that players will stop buy mesos.

This day is probably the most important day. It is enhancement day. And successful enhancement means maplestory mesos. People who love money will definitely not going to miss this day. They could miss beauty day or gachapon day, but not enhancement day!

In the enhancements day, players may receive: platinum scissors of karma, miracle circulator and red cube.

MapleStory Mesos – World Tour

Let’s stop thinking about maplestory mesos and people who buy mesos. There is a world tour going on with Mr. Lee!

World tour is visiting all the countries that are visible in the world map. It is not just Singapore, Spain and Unites States.

Anyway, if you are a solid fan of maplestory and you are living in Spain, this would be an honor as Nexon noticed your country.

The world tour started last June 2, 2016 and will end on June 20, 2016. It is not too late to join this so called “world tour” featuring only 3 countries.

I am not bitter just because my country is not included in this world tour.

MapleStory Mesos – Singapore


In Singapore, you can city run where tons of weeds dropping and you have to pick it up because you need weeds as a reason to live in this cruel world.

Here is one thing: Singapore is known for their cleanliness. There is no way that Singaporeans are going to plant a tree that will drop filthy leaves around. In fact, if they found out that this specific tree makes their country dirty, trust me, they are going to chop that tree’s ass.

The mechanics of this mini-game is simple. You just have to press space bar at the right time and catch the falling leaves for more points!



Spain is more realistic. This country features Bull fighting which is the signature of Spain.

In bull fighting, players have to get as much as red bull, while the main problem is avoiding and running away from yellow and black bulls as they have tons of health points. Each bull you kill will drop beef which restores your health and allowed to stay in the bull fighting.

United States


Way back in your father and mother’s years, Pinball in America was one of the biggest games. Take it as like the maplestory of your father and mother.

In pinball, you are the ball. The goal is to not fall and get as many points as you can.

MapleStory Mesos and Items by Unleashing the Cook in You

They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but really, it is the route to anyone’s heart. In Maplestory’s newest event, Maplers can help Chef Beefy prepare meals in exchange for cheap MapleStory Mesos, items and more. Today’s guide will get you set up to be an amazing chef.


Sending your MapleStory Mesos hunter to the kitchen

Running from July 22 to September 15, the Beefy’s Kitchen Event has Maplers take care of the missing chef’s kitchen. Players can join the event by going through the Event Hall and selecting Tangyoon’s Calling. Alternatively the can use a Specialized Teleport Rock. Note that only those level 33 and above can join the event.

Once you are in-charge of the kitchen, you will have to improve it. This can be done by crafting various items, food and even Cash Shop items. As for ingredients, you can buy them using Beefy Coins. These, in turn, can be obtained by hunting monsters near your character’s level. If you manage to upgrade your kitchen to Stage 3, you can get 10 Beefy Coins from a crate in the kitchen. The more items you craft, and the more your kitchen improves, the better your rewards and benefits will be.

MapleStory Mesos hunters can critique food too

Like with any establishment serving food, there will always be critics. As your kitchen gets better, you will be able to create special food that can be rated and commented on by other Maplers. This also has the benefit of giving a buff to you and the food critic. Rating is important as the better your feedback score, the more powerful the buffs you will receive be. Additionally, the top five comments about your dishes will be displayed above your character’s head. How’s that for advertising?

MapleStory Mesos and item rewards

Maplers can win various rewards for their MapleStory Mesos Hunter from the event.  The most common rewards you can get are the Cash Shop items you will be cooking up yourself. This includes items like Pet Skills, Scissors of Karma and Water of Life. Aside from these, players can get tasty weapons, different chef outfits and hats, and weapon covers. You can even get Beefy’s Food Truck Mount.

You Can Hunt MapleStory Mesos with a Beast Tamer Character Again

If you missed making a Beast Tamer to get MapleStory Mesos with the first time, you can make one now! This is thanks to the Beast Tamer Returns event in MapleStory. Best of all, you can also get free equipment and items to help level up your new Beast Tamer. We will check this out in today’s article.

Beast Tamer class for MapleStory Mesos hunting

From July 8 to August 18, players can create a Beast Tamer on their account. This magician type class has INT for its primary stat. Don’t let that fool you however, as the Beast Tamer can be played in various ways. This is due to her being able to summon and channel the strengths of four different animals. She can bring out her cat Arby for support purposes. Meanwhile, with her snow leopard Lai out she can be incredibly agile.  Bringing out Fort the bear will allow her to dish out huge amounts of damage, while Eka the hawk gives her impressive aerial moves.


Equipment for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

During the event period, Beast Tamer characters from level 10 to level 70 can receive free equipment for their character. Players can take the Beast Tamer Equipment Gift quest from the event notifier to receive their free equipment. Note that this quest can be taken every ten levels as long as they are between level 10 and level 70. However, be sure to get the reward once you hit the required level as going past it will disqualify you from it. Each equipment box has Beast Tamer gear appropriate for the level range. They are also untradeable.

A ring  for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Aside from the free equipment, players who make a Beast Tamer during the event can also get a Beast Tamer Critical Ring. This untradeable ring boosts Max HP and MP by 200, Magic ATT by 5, Critical Rate by 12% and Minimum Critical Damage by 1%. It can be obtained by taking the similarly named quest from the Event Notifier. Note that your character needs to be at least level 10 to take it. Afterwards, simply reach level 70 to get the ring.


Players can also upgrade their ring to a Beast Tamer Dark Critical Ring. The process is similar to the first ring, with a quest available in the Event Notifier. Players however need to reach level 130 to get the upgrade.

The Return of Zero in the MapleLand and Free MapleStory Items Event!!!

Level up your character to level 100 to play the class Zero! Zero is a class that you can play in both genders, male and female. The character creation for the Zero class will start on June 24, 2015 up to August 18, 2015. Once again this class will only be available for accounts that have a level 100 character or above.

Another upcoming event features a free maplestory items every day! This event will start on June 22, 2015 up to July 5, 2015, so be sure to login every day to obtain free maplestory items each day!


Zero’s Overview for MapleStory Items Collectors

The main update highlight this week is the availability of the class zero. The class features two characters in one. The first character is alpha or the male character. Alpha uses a “lazuli”, which is a long sword. Alpha specializes in speed and agility to deal swift attacks to its enemies.


The second character is beta – the female character. Beta wields a heavy sword also known as “lapis.” Beta specializes in dealing massive amount of damage in a single attack, although it’s slow.


The developers seem to have their weapons swapped. The male supposed to use heavy sword and the female is to use long sword. Anyway, it’s just a random opinion. A very classic opinion, the developers probably want it for uniqueness.

Zero’s Game Mechanics for MapleStory Items Collectors

The main status of zero is strength, as it belongs in the warrior class in maplestory.

Leveling the class is not a big deal. It has a variety of area of effect damage skills that make it wipe and grind monsters without difficulty.

The class starts at level 100, increasing its level only in the mirror world until level 180. Zero can only gain experience in the mirror world if it’s below level 180, going to mapleworld and killing monsters will not get Zero an experience, except that it’s level 180 and above.

Free MapleStory Items Collectors

Tune in everyday from June 22, 2015 up to July 5, 2015! For, there will be free maplestory items up for grab everyday!

free maplestory items

The character must be level 30 to obtain the free items. There is a chance to receive 10-year tokens that can be exchange for android chairs, damage skins and other maplestory items from past events!