Maplestory Mesos Explorer Class Guide for New Players

If you already created a character, you still have a lot of time to think about your first job advancement. But it’s your choice if you want to go on your first job or stay as beginner till you gather enough maplestory mesos for your character.


First Stage! Explorer! Maplestory mesos and level up adventure!

The first stage of your character’s adventure is called beginners. They may look fragile but they will help you lead your way to your maplestory mesos success to have your desired first job advancement.

There are lots of skills that can be explored even though you’re still a beginner. However, going on and getting your job advancement will gives you more maplestory mesos and more adventure.

Melee MapleStory Mesos Hunters

The Warrior class has the highest base health amongst classes. They specialize in close range combat and can use various melee MapleStory items. Depending on the weapon you want to specialize in, they can take on a second job that reflects it. Fighters hunt MapleStory Mesos with swords or axes, while Pages use maces. Lastly, Spearmen focus on polearms and spears.

Turning your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a Warrior

When your Explorer reaches level 10, it can then change into a Warrior. It first needs to go to the Shrine of Warriors in Perion. Once you’re there, simply talk to “Dances with Balrog” to make your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a Warrior.

Which Warriors are effective in getting more maplestory mesos?

There are three types of warriors: Fighters, Pages and Spearmen. Though Warrior have a vastly amount of HP and defense compared to other classes, there are several cons when being Warrior Class. When speaking of maplestory mesos, warriors are able to get as much maplestory gold they want since they have the greater damage to the monsters.