MapleStory Mesos – July Update

With the new update, players are potential to accumulate tons of maplestory mesos and some new folks will start to buy mesos.

Finally, maplestory is getting mouthful of updates after rained down by tons of maintenance. In this new update, there will be a featured new class, new content, events, double experience points during week end and more!

It has been a while since maplestory announced something that will entice its players. All they announced recently in their news hub are scheduled maintenance. It is more like maintenance diary than a news hub.

The featured update of July is the new class “blaster.” And this class goes with the story that the folk who will be able to help the heroes to defeat a certain bad guy.

MapleStory Mesos – Blaster Overview

The blaster class is heavily equipped with area of effect damaging skill that would destroy everything in the character’s sight.

His equipment is a two handed arm cannon and explosive charge as secondary.

The blaster class is considered as a warrior class.

According to developers the mobility of blaster is medium which is neither slow nor fast. As a warrior type class the blaster has tremendous amount of HP and a low MP pool.

Act 3: Unfamiliar World

Journey to the unfamiliar world alone or with friends with the level requirement of level 33; however, the recommended level is 120. If you are below the recommended level and insist to enter, you may do so but it is not going to be a war in the unfamiliar world, but a massacre.

Upon clearing Act 3 once, the player is rewarded with 7000 honor experience and Mercedes Cube Chair (untradeable). And there will be more rewards upon completing Act 3 twice.


Is it mouthful? Nobody think so. This update is going to be completed by dedicated players.

In conclusion, this update is insufficient. Developers should release more contents that would entice the mapleworld. A character with smoke exhaust in hand won’t do.