MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth

Maplestory is one of the oldest games alive. The game had a great time with players: both casuals and businessmen. Casual players manage to enjoy the game’s relaxing cute character, while businessmen gained profit through selling maplestory mesos in the community of casual players.

Maplestory is an amazing MMORPG. It did not only fulfill the wish of a casual players, but businessmen too.

MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth: Casual Players

Even with just playing with tiny characters and unreal graphics, the immersion with the game is outstanding. It is like playing tiny green soldiers and the war comes to life, as the immersion follows.

Casual players have a second job – competitive gamers. Casual gamers are the root of business, while competitive gamers are the fruit of business. Wherein, a competitive gamer will do and spend everything on their resources in order to reach the peak of the game as soon as possible. And it is where businessmen come into action.

MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth: Businessmen

Businessmen are casual players too. They immerse themselves in the game, but still money is still in their mind which hinders their full immersion in the game.

Businessmen are the ones who provide products for competitive gamers. They provide quality equipment in exchange of real life wealth, which they offer on competitive gamers.

MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth: Who enjoys the game?

It all comes to this. We have three types of individuals: casual gamers, competitive gamers and businessmen. The question is, who benefits the most? Casual gamers only enjoy the game for like a year and transfer to another game. Competitive gamers are hard working folks with the pressure of staying at the top, while businessmen only exist because of competitive gamers and also have pressure.

Therefore, competitive gamers are the victim here. They do not earn anything but pressure, while casual gamers enjoy the game and businessmen gained profit.


Discuss what you think about these types of individuals with maplestory mesos hunters in the community of maplestory folks!