MapleStory Mesos – Maintenance

Of all the MMORPG out there, maplestory is one of the MMORPG that frequently undergoes maintenance. It would not be surprising if it is a private server, but we are talking the official server right here.

I don’t have sufficient knowledge about server managing to totally criticize the frequency of their maintenance. But compared to other MMORPG, maplestory always has an announcement of maintenance in their newsfeed.


Here are some hypotheses why:

MapleStory Mesos – New Contents

Maplestory is not a goner MMORPG, not yet. Developers are still doing their very best to constantly improve the game, adhering to the players’ taste which is a total torture.

“Heroes of Maple” is the most recent update. It seems that it features new character, but it is not. Instead, it features the revamps of characters.

Speaking of revamping a character, the community is allergic to revamps. There will be tons of arguments going on in the forums like reddit and maplestory’s official forum, arguing about the revamp is not balance at all and people are like ‘what the fuck is nexon thinking?’

Lack Effort

Since maplestory is quite old, some of the developers are no longer on developing the game. Some of the developers are working on maplestory2. Moreover, there is the maplestory mobile. With these things going on, the work force of maplestory is divided which causes a lot of delays, thus frequent maintenance.

Next Step

The company itself is trying to move forward. They know. They really know that maplestory might not last long. As a result, the company tries to disseminate maplestory to multiple platforms like mobile and upgrading the whole maplestory as the old maplestory barely excites the players anymore. Less and less new players are coming and more and more old players are leaving.

Maplestory is more like a business of maplestory mesos than a game. Wherein, people are talking about mesos4u.

MapleStory Mesos – Migration

Nexon announced that they are going to migrate European server to North American server. Wherein, North American players don’t have to do anything, while European players have to do hassle stuff in order to transfer their characters in the American server.

After the migration, both European and North American players have now access to each other’s server.

It is all good that North American players get to meet European players; however, what does this mean?

MapleStory Mesos – Population

Nexon decided to merge European server to North American server is probably because the population of European server is going down, or worse, the server is dying due to lack of players, resulting into merging into North America.

The merge is not a full merge of characters and all the Europe’s data. It is not the merge you think. It is a merge where both North American and European players will have access to each other’s server but not a North America meets Europe, meaning you won’t meet European players in your current server but you can meet them through creating a new character and joining the European server.


Maplestory mesos would be a phenomenon upon the migration of both these servers. Wherein, there will be a North American player who wanted to transfer to European server for a reason and a European player to transfer North American server.

Some will even buy mesos from both servers, wanting to play in both European and North American servers.

The Era


Let’s take it. These things happen because the era of MMORPG is about to end. People don’t want to grind for hours in order to achieve a certain level. Nowadays, people seek competition. Wherein, in a single game, upon performing well, a player can raise his/her own self-esteem. It is not about grinding hard anymore. It is all about self-esteem.

MapleStory Mesos – World Tour

Let’s stop thinking about maplestory mesos and people who buy mesos. There is a world tour going on with Mr. Lee!

World tour is visiting all the countries that are visible in the world map. It is not just Singapore, Spain and Unites States.

Anyway, if you are a solid fan of maplestory and you are living in Spain, this would be an honor as Nexon noticed your country.

The world tour started last June 2, 2016 and will end on June 20, 2016. It is not too late to join this so called “world tour” featuring only 3 countries.

I am not bitter just because my country is not included in this world tour.

MapleStory Mesos – Singapore


In Singapore, you can city run where tons of weeds dropping and you have to pick it up because you need weeds as a reason to live in this cruel world.

Here is one thing: Singapore is known for their cleanliness. There is no way that Singaporeans are going to plant a tree that will drop filthy leaves around. In fact, if they found out that this specific tree makes their country dirty, trust me, they are going to chop that tree’s ass.

The mechanics of this mini-game is simple. You just have to press space bar at the right time and catch the falling leaves for more points!



Spain is more realistic. This country features Bull fighting which is the signature of Spain.

In bull fighting, players have to get as much as red bull, while the main problem is avoiding and running away from yellow and black bulls as they have tons of health points. Each bull you kill will drop beef which restores your health and allowed to stay in the bull fighting.

United States


Way back in your father and mother’s years, Pinball in America was one of the biggest games. Take it as like the maplestory of your father and mother.

In pinball, you are the ball. The goal is to not fall and get as many points as you can.

MapleStory Mesos – Server Merge

Server merge is a common thing that happens in most MMORPG. It is where two servers become one due to the following reason: both servers lack players, balanced gameplay, more competitive experience and more interactions.

In general, server merge is both good and bad. For players who have gained their high end gears, there would be no problem for them, but for players who are relatively new to the game may have a hard time after server merge.

It is going to be a hard time for new players because economy is sure to churn.


MapleStory Mesos – Economy

Maplestory mesos is what holds the world of maplestory.

The inconsistent economy of MMORPG genre is the tough opponent of new players. Every aspiring maplesotry players will need gears in order to accomplish something, which is in-line with the economy.

If the economy is bad, it is going to be a tough experience for the new players. They are going to have a hard time grinding their aspired gears.

In fact, it is not all that bad. There are chances that the economy would be an ideal economy for new players (talking about maplestory, there is only a low chance that this could happen.)

There are chances that the economy would be in the favor of new players, but it is unlikely to happen in an old server of maplestory.


The most interesting part of server merge is the competition of guilds. If you are a veteran player, you would love to compete with other guilds and the players in PvP of other servers.


In general, it is a good thing for servers to merge, especially if there are fewer players in a server. The sole reason why MMORPG servers are divided is: because an overpopulated world would be troublesome for players, mob stealing would be more frequent. If there are less players, in a server, it is better to merge than to stay divided.

With the merged servers, people have the opportunity to buy mesos with each other.

MapleStory Mesos – Maple in the Past

Maplestory is your typical MMORPG that draws its players due to its cuteness and art. Anime characters are attractive enough to make otaku to play.

When maplestory was released years ago, one can describe the game as fun. Until, online markets of maplestory mesos started to appear. These online markets destroyed the economy of maplestory. Thereon, the game became“buy mesos to win.”

MapleStory Mesos – Reboot Server


The developers hosted a new server called ‘maplestory reboot’ where trading and cash shop are not available. Without the intervention of trading and cash shop, players are forced to work together and not stepping inside the market whenever they need something. When a player needs something, they have to go out in the field, work with other players, in order to get what they need which is how the game should actually work. Maplestory is not about negotiating in the market and getting the best gears through buying and selling. It is an adventure to get your gears not using the mind of a businessman.

Maplestory reboot is the hope of true fans of maplestory. It is where they can start their maple adventure without the intervention of ugly factors like economy and cash shop items.

In this server, player can accumulate the cash shop items through maplestory mesos in NPC or monster drops.

The Past

Maplestory is a vast game. It is a game that you can’t learn in just one day. It has a massive content that would require a lot of research and experience to get used. And this is how it felt, playing maplestory for the first time, entering the unknown world. Now players can just open google and information will pop.


Maplestory today is like a walking market now. It is a game where the more money you have, even though you are dumb, you can beat a good player.