Types of People You Meet That Determines How You Can Make Maplestory Mesos

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Making maplestory mesos by encountering diff. kinds of people

In the Maplestory, especially in the market place, you will usually encounter different kinds of sellers. Observe them carefully and be wary of scam.

Professional Sellers:

These types of people often sell items for its higher price and even sometimes overprice them. They are also hard to negotiate with. They are also rarely sold anything outside their store. You should not encounter them too often and avoid them as much as possible if you want to save your maplestory mesos.

Average/Normal Sellers:

These are the guys you will normally encounter in the market. They will offer you an item with an average price or much lower. This will be your main source when you are buying an item. You can make more maplestory mesos if they offer you a good price.

Unaware Sellers:

These are sellers who don’t know the price they are selling or they are unsure what price in the item. You can either trick them to lowering the price than the original, and if you are success, you can make more maplestory mesos by reselling them with a bit of a higher price.

A BETTER MAPLE Vote Poll. For Better Maplestory Mesos Future


Hearing and reaching out for better maplestory mesos economy

Maplestory has been kicking for several years now. There are several games that are trying to take down maplestory but they can’t. Now to Nexon is trying to reach and hear out what the players wanted and think of the system. By hearing the players out, nexon will be able to think of another strategy to fix the maplestory mesos issues in-game.

As seen on the image above, the top voted is regarding the maplestory mesos unfair between legit and a players who are using 3rd party programs.

What will nexon do to resolve the maplestory mesos crisis? We’ll see… stay tune with the “A better Maple.”

Maplestory 2 is the “throwback” of the current maplestory mesos

In other news, Nexon had their site ready for the upcoming Maplestory 2 that will be open for beta in 2014. Though Maplestory 2 is the “sequel” of the current maplestory, it is said that the story line for the maplestory 2 is the earlier story or so called “throwback” of the said game. The game will be a 3D MMORPG that will have familiar monsters and maplestory mesos from Maplestory. However, gameplay and settings might be change a little.

There are Five Merchanting Tips You Need to Know for Your Maplestory Mesos

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Knowing this tip will help you save maplestory mesos

1. Know the prices of the items

Knowing the prices of each item when you’re buying and selling is very important in making maplestory mesos while merchanting. Checking the pricelist in the basilmarket, MTS (Maple Trading System) and FM (Free Market) is the best way to get update in the prices.

2. Know where to buy

Having you to know where to buy items and sell them later on to others will help you make more maplestory mesos.

3. Find a friend you can trust

Befriending others who often buy or sell that you merchant will help you earn maplestory mesos.  You can make more customers by having more connection and form a relationship between you and others.

4. Dominate the competition

Due to everyone making a profit with merchanting, you must out buy your competitors. This may cost you more maplestory mesos but it will make your items sell faster.

5. Seize the opportunity

Take advantage of someone who is buying for good price or selling cheap stuff. This is to prevent having regrets and to make more maplestory mesos.

Knowing this tip, you can take advantage in the market and dominate the top spot in the FM and making a lot of maplestory mesos.

Knowing Class Category EXPLORERS and Get Your Maplestory Mesos Ready!


EXPLORERS maybe the “classic” class but they are still kicking for maplestory mesos earning

It’s wrong to think that if there are NEW classes you will deprive the first or classic class in-game. Being classic doesn’t mean that they are “weak” compare to the new class, but they are more “stable” than the new ones. Lastly, classic class doesn’t need to spend a lot of maplestory mesos for their equipments.



-they are like “novice” from Ragnarok Online


-they can save few maplestory mesos from having less taxi fee, no exp loss upon death and lots of respect/reputation



-have the highest Health Points

-big amount of attack points and defense

-higher chance of going solo run and earning maplestory mesos alone



-extreme damage against monsters but has LOW HP and Defense

-in-demand for Party quest, Boss Fight and hunting. They are not able to loot much maplestory mesos since they are away from the loots all the time.


-Long range attack, splash damage

-low HP and defense

-able to kill bosses at the early age that makes them more maplestory mesos



-Fast short range attackers

-less damage but able to make many attacks at a short period of time



-low attack damage but has high hit rate


Maplestory Mesos Explorer Class Guide for New Players

If you already created a character, you still have a lot of time to think about your first job advancement. But it’s your choice if you want to go on your first job or stay as beginner till you gather enough maplestory mesos for your character.


First Stage! Explorer! Maplestory mesos and level up adventure!

The first stage of your character’s adventure is called beginners. They may look fragile but they will help you lead your way to your maplestory mesos success to have your desired first job advancement.

There are lots of skills that can be explored even though you’re still a beginner. However, going on and getting your job advancement will gives you more maplestory mesos and more adventure.

Melee MapleStory Mesos Hunters

The Warrior class has the highest base health amongst classes. They specialize in close range combat and can use various melee MapleStory items. Depending on the weapon you want to specialize in, they can take on a second job that reflects it. Fighters hunt MapleStory Mesos with swords or axes, while Pages use maces. Lastly, Spearmen focus on polearms and spears.

Turning your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a Warrior

When your Explorer reaches level 10, it can then change into a Warrior. It first needs to go to the Shrine of Warriors in Perion. Once you’re there, simply talk to “Dances with Balrog” to make your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a Warrior.

Which Warriors are effective in getting more maplestory mesos?

There are three types of warriors: Fighters, Pages and Spearmen. Though Warrior have a vastly amount of HP and defense compared to other classes, there are several cons when being Warrior Class. When speaking of maplestory mesos, warriors are able to get as much maplestory gold they want since they have the greater damage to the monsters.