MapleStory Mesos – Online Market

Everybody misses the old maplestory where people are just starting out, not being knowledgeable at the game, and with one thing in mind – to have fun. They never thought of maplestory becoming an online market or a game to earn or spend money with other players.

Moderators thought that the online market is fine as long as the players don’t violate any rules; thus let players to have real money trading until it is too late to create a rule for it because everybody is doing it. Suddenly prohibiting players from real money trading is like banning the whole community.

MapleStory Mesos – Fun Fact

Did you know that in the bloom of maplestory, there are players in the game who make a living through selling their in-game goods? They don’t grind for 8 hours like most people do. They just sit in the market, buying and selling goods which destroy the economy of maplestory. It goes like this: they will play for a while to gain the capital; after gaining the capital they are going to sit in the market 24/7, buying and selling stuff.

Why buying and selling destroy economy? Think of a scenario where 40% of the people in the market are doing this, bouncing an item like ping-pong. Eventually, this will raise the item’s demand, thus the price. As a result, no new players wanted to play anymore because items’ prices are overpriced, thanks to these people.

Maplestory Reboot


They should have released this kind of server sooner. Not when the MMORPG is dying.

Maplestory Reboot is a good idea. In fact, it is a fantastic idea where players could no longer trade their crappy stuff to crappy players. And this eliminates the fact that the negative aspect of the game – Economy.


In conclusion, if not manage well, economy in any MMORPG is like a virus, It is going to take down the server slowly, but surely through people buy mesos and people sell maplestory mesos.

MapleStory Mesos – Maple is Purely PvE

Maplestory is a vast MMORPG that relied on gameplay instead of graphics. Instead of improving the graphics, they focus on creating new jobs, unripe jobs, in fact. They string the game’s narrative through adding new classes with its own narrative. When various classes are added, it will create a series of narrative that connects the strings, thus making plot, setting, characters, thereon, a new story is born.

However, introducing too many classes has its own advantage and disadvantage.

MapleStory Mesos – Too Many Classes

Imagine a game where there are so many mechanics that even unnecessary mechanics are added. It is chaotic. And that is how maplestory’s mechanics goes.

Player vs Player of maplestory is never serious. It has always been a battle of who has tons of maplestory mesos and someone who can buy mesos a lot. It is never the talk of skill. It is always a talk of who has the wealth and better character.

In contrast, with too many classes, it gives maplestory the vibe of unlimited adventure. Choose different classes and complete its story.

But in PvP, maplestory is a complete joke.

Side Scrolling

Although side scrolling games have the potential to become PvP oriented games, maplestory, one of the pioneer of side scrolling MMORPG did not have the kind of potential. With so many classes, it will always be have an unbalanced PvP mechanics. Except if the developers balanced the game which they are trying now with their updates and lots of maintenance.

The Community


The community of maplestory revolves around market and prices of items. Maplestory is one of those online games with the reputation of maplestory mesos black market.

The new server – Maplestory Reboot is a new server with no cash shops, players can’t use the trading system. All the items needed will be encountered or sold by NPC along the way.


Maplestory is a good game, especially its PvE. The game’s sole flaw is balance.