MapleStory Mesos – Loop Trap

Playing maplestory is becoming more like a responsibility than a game. It feels like being trapped in a loop. First thing in the morning: completing the daily quest and afterwards farm more maplestory mesos or stand all day in the market, selling some stuff. It is kind of suffocating to be trapped in this loop.

There is a thread in reddit that pertains in this discussion. Someone asked, in reddit that what do other people do after finishing the daily quests and they all answer crazy stuff.

MapleStory Mesos – Play Other Games

This is pointless. Why bother taking the daily quests if the focus is other games? Probably, you are waiting for something to happen or you just feel a sense of responsibility on your account? Is it because you have invested so much time farming maplestory mesos that you can’t leave maplestory?

Myabe players who are playing another game after completing their daily quests are waiting for the new update, waiting for maplestory to become interesting again just as it was first released.

It is impossible.

Game Progress

This is the most natural answer – Progress in the game, like challenging the end game content, complete monster book and more. This way completing the daily quests have purpose – to reach something, to reach the end game, now doing that daily quests have a purpose.

But doing the daily quests and play another game afterwards is just pointless. Focus on one or two games.


Don’t ever take reddit seriously because people in this website are not even serious, although there are threads out there that are somewhat serious.

In conclusion, don’t forget to progress in maplestory once in a while. If the game is being more like a work than a game, you have to quit the game for your life’s sake. Or just tell your friend “mesos4u.”


MapleStory Mesos – Maintenance

Of all the MMORPG out there, maplestory is one of the MMORPG that frequently undergoes maintenance. It would not be surprising if it is a private server, but we are talking the official server right here.

I don’t have sufficient knowledge about server managing to totally criticize the frequency of their maintenance. But compared to other MMORPG, maplestory always has an announcement of maintenance in their newsfeed.


Here are some hypotheses why:

MapleStory Mesos – New Contents

Maplestory is not a goner MMORPG, not yet. Developers are still doing their very best to constantly improve the game, adhering to the players’ taste which is a total torture.

“Heroes of Maple” is the most recent update. It seems that it features new character, but it is not. Instead, it features the revamps of characters.

Speaking of revamping a character, the community is allergic to revamps. There will be tons of arguments going on in the forums like reddit and maplestory’s official forum, arguing about the revamp is not balance at all and people are like ‘what the fuck is nexon thinking?’

Lack Effort

Since maplestory is quite old, some of the developers are no longer on developing the game. Some of the developers are working on maplestory2. Moreover, there is the maplestory mobile. With these things going on, the work force of maplestory is divided which causes a lot of delays, thus frequent maintenance.

Next Step

The company itself is trying to move forward. They know. They really know that maplestory might not last long. As a result, the company tries to disseminate maplestory to multiple platforms like mobile and upgrading the whole maplestory as the old maplestory barely excites the players anymore. Less and less new players are coming and more and more old players are leaving.

Maplestory is more like a business of maplestory mesos than a game. Wherein, people are talking about mesos4u.