MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server

A lot of people especially the ones who have not played maplestory and planning to play, do not know this maplestory reboot thingy. Maplestory reboot is a fresh server where everybody starts from the beginning. The server features balanced jobs, stronger monsters but more experience, new combat system and more events!

The developers of maplestory wanted to bring nostalgic feeling to players and fruitful experience to those who wanted to play maplestory.

MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server: What to Expect

In a new server, you can expect a vivid adventure, more players in fields and dungeon than the market, more strangers and optimized server with immunity to 3rd party programs.

The reboot server offers fair gameplay. Literally, it means fair. Cash shops and trading systems are disabled. You will get what you need as you progress through the game. Items will be dropped by monsters and sold by the NPC.

If you want to dominate in this server, you will need companions not money which is more fun than the classic server.

This server is created for players not for the developers. It is something that everybody could have fun, not just the rich players.

MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server: Job Balancing

All classes are getting balanced; from the basic calculation of cooldown, final damage, buff duration and skill being removed.

If this is the case, you can expect a balanced player vs player and fun grinding.

MapleStory Mesos – Overview of Reboot Server: Transfer Hammer

Transfer hammer system allows you to transfer an item’s enhancements and soul information to another item. However, enhancement is decreased by 1 upon transfer.

Take note that transfer hammer is not applicable to all items. There are limitations too.


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MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth

Maplestory is one of the oldest games alive. The game had a great time with players: both casuals and businessmen. Casual players manage to enjoy the game’s relaxing cute character, while businessmen gained profit through selling maplestory mesos in the community of casual players.

Maplestory is an amazing MMORPG. It did not only fulfill the wish of a casual players, but businessmen too.

MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth: Casual Players

Even with just playing with tiny characters and unreal graphics, the immersion with the game is outstanding. It is like playing tiny green soldiers and the war comes to life, as the immersion follows.

Casual players have a second job – competitive gamers. Casual gamers are the root of business, while competitive gamers are the fruit of business. Wherein, a competitive gamer will do and spend everything on their resources in order to reach the peak of the game as soon as possible. And it is where businessmen come into action.

MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth: Businessmen

Businessmen are casual players too. They immerse themselves in the game, but still money is still in their mind which hinders their full immersion in the game.

Businessmen are the ones who provide products for competitive gamers. They provide quality equipment in exchange of real life wealth, which they offer on competitive gamers.

MapleStory Mesos – Virtual Wealth to Real Wealth: Who enjoys the game?

It all comes to this. We have three types of individuals: casual gamers, competitive gamers and businessmen. The question is, who benefits the most? Casual gamers only enjoy the game for like a year and transfer to another game. Competitive gamers are hard working folks with the pressure of staying at the top, while businessmen only exist because of competitive gamers and also have pressure.

Therefore, competitive gamers are the victim here. They do not earn anything but pressure, while casual gamers enjoy the game and businessmen gained profit.


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MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics

In order to create a wonderful environment, we need ethics. Having ethics in mind is like a guide to players what is right and wrong. It is like a program installed in a player’s mind to classify what to do and what not to do.

However, applying ethics in an online game is like planting a plant without soil. There is no basis on why players should follow such rules because it is not a rule published by the developers.

MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics: Language

Adjust on the country language. If the server is on the US, definitely, players have to speak English. Do not speak any language aside from English, except, if you are talking to a person with the same tongue as you.

If English is not your native tongue, study the language. If you decide to play on an English server, learn their language first before creating a character.

Remember, if you are in another server with different language. Do not play, unless you know their language.

MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics: Do not Beg

Begging is stupid. Seriously, why did you even bother playing the game if you are just going to run around, begging people? You played the game because you want to enjoy, you want immersion, you want thrill, and now you are going to beg for equipment? That is just plain stupid.

MapleStory Items – Mapler’s In-Game Ethics: KSING

Kill stealing is subjective. It totally depends on the monster. If it is a boss monster, it could be stolen.  It is competition.

Sometimes it all depends on the community. If the people in the server do not kill steal a boss monster, do the same.

Ethic is like a foundation of a good community. And every culture, every game community has its own ethics, follow them!


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Maplestory Mesos: Nexons Unfair Bans

Maplestory Mesos: A Ban Here and There

Just recently, a big Maplestory player and streamer had announced quitting the game due to Nexon unfairly banning her. How does that happen you ask? Well, all it takes is a latency-filled Aussie connection to US servers and an impatient twat of a GM.

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BasicBec, the player in question, was unfairly banned because Nexon’s GMs actually thought that she was a bot due to chat latency. She was stripped of her rank and account permanently, rendering her unable to play for, well, pretty much ever.

A lot of people came forward on reddit to voice out their complaints about what had just transpired. A GM took notice and reviewed the situation where he eventually found that the ban was, indeed, unfair, and restored BasicBec’s account.

However, the notable player had already posted a “goodbye” video on her channel on Youtube and it is unknown if she is going to go through with quitting Maplestory or if she’ll forgive Nexon for that horrendous error.

Maplestory Mesos: Room for Improvement

Clearly, Nexon has to be more careful in the future with these sorts of bans because they had clearly demolished the love for Maplestory that this specific player had in one action. Not only will they lose a customer in their game, but they will also lose a prolific streamer and and known player in the community, most likely bringing with her a few of her friends when she leaves. It’s a double blow for Nexon and the community.

Maplestory is an old game with a very, very, very loyal fanbase: it’s not asking for too much for Nexon to trust its small, but tight, playerbase. If they continue on doing these sorts of bans without so much of a thought, they’ll be bleeding players left and right, and, before you know it, the game will be as dry as Nevada.

The line between vigilant management and lazy douchebaggery is a thin one when dealing with a small community like this in an MMO. Nexon should take precautions in the future so as not to earn even more ire from the general populace of Maplestory. If they don’t, they may regret it one day. Hopefully, that day never comes.

Mercedes Class Spotlight: Hunting MapleStory Mesos

Mercedes is the one of the six heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is part of the Archer branch. She is the Queen of the Elves that leads its people in hunting for MapleStory Mesos, ruling in a secluded town known as Elluel. She uses Dual Bowguns and Magic Arrows for weapons.

A century ago, Mercedes along with Freud invaded the Temple of Time to defeat the Black Mage. After the battle with the Black Mage, Mercedes fell unconscious within a devastated Leafre. A Mapler who traveled from the future to Leafre of Past while tracking Arkarium found the unconscious Mercedes and revived her using the Essence of Afrien.

mercedes class in hunting maplestory mesos

Hunting MapleStory Mesos in Job Advancement

Mercedes does not need to undergo any sort of tasks to receive her job advancement. This is because she had already undergone the tasks in order to become Queen Elf in the past.

Upon reaching level 30, in order to make the job advancement, head back to Elluel and in the King’s Seat room, click on the music box right above the door to be warped to the Advent of the Great Spirit. Talk to the Great Spirit twice to receive the job advancement.

The third job advancement is given automatically upon reaching level 60, and the fourth job advancement at level 100. However, in order to acquire the medal associated with the job, the player must head back to the Great Spirit to receive the medal from her.

Profiting MapleStory Mesos

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