[Guide] Knowing the Types of Sellers and How to Make Maplestory Mesos


Knowing who and where to buy items to make maplestory mesos

When you are buying items in maplestory for you to sell for your own shop, you need to have enough knowledge to know where to buy these and how to look the right prices. There are many types of sellers out there that are professional, normal or unaware sellers. By knowing them, you can even by cheap but good items that can make more maplestory mesos.

Professional Sellers:

These types of people often sell items for its higher price and even sometimes overprice them. Sometimes they are hard to negotiate them when it comes on discounted price. You need to avoid them as much as possible in order to save mapestory mesos.

Normal Sellers:

These are the guys you will normally encounter in the market. They are the best when buying items from them since sometimes they give you discount and offer cheap items. As long as they offer you a good price, you can make more maplestory mesos.

You can commonly find them in the Free Market or sometimes outside of the Free Market. Be careful on buying, as long as you’re careful you can save lots of maplestory mesos.

Double EXP Event! Enjoying with Maplestory Mesos Adventure!


Weekend is EXP and maplestory mesos Booster day!

Maplestory will hold a 2 times experience event this weekend. This 2x EXP coupon can be stack with the exp booster as well that can be bought from the cash shop. That will give you a total of 4x EXP!!! Note that it can be purchase with nexon cash only and not maplestory mesos.

On the following schedule, all maplestory players will be able to get the 2x EXP coupon:

Saturday, November 23 – Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pacific: 12 AM – 2 AM & 2 PM – 4 PM

Eastern: 3 AM – 5 AM & 5 PM – 7 PM

More experience! More chance of maplestory mesos bonus!


Fame does matter, so does maplestory mesos

When you’re done enjoying the event, then make a profit from fame. Fame is used to raise (fame) or lower (defamed) players in Maplestory. Fame is also used as a mean to recognize a player’s popularity. Since this kind of system is prone to abuse, one character can only fame or defame another character once a day. Faming or defaming the same character is only possible once a month. Faming or defaming yourself is forbidden. There are some quests which can reward you with fame. Some people use this system as a means to make maplestory mesos.

When a player does a good deed to other players, sometimes they are not rewarded with fame. Instead some or most of the players traded their fame on others to increase their fame. Some others are willing to pay maplestory mesos to gain or increase their fame. This type of method of making maplestory mesos is sometimes prone from scam. So be careful who you want to trade.

There are Five Merchanting Tips You Need to Know for Your Maplestory Mesos

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Knowing this tip will help you save maplestory mesos

1. Know the prices of the items

Knowing the prices of each item when you’re buying and selling is very important in making maplestory mesos while merchanting. Checking the pricelist in the basilmarket, MTS (Maple Trading System) and FM (Free Market) is the best way to get update in the prices.

2. Know where to buy

Having you to know where to buy items and sell them later on to others will help you make more maplestory mesos.

3. Find a friend you can trust

Befriending others who often buy or sell that you merchant will help you earn maplestory mesos.  You can make more customers by having more connection and form a relationship between you and others.

4. Dominate the competition

Due to everyone making a profit with merchanting, you must out buy your competitors. This may cost you more maplestory mesos but it will make your items sell faster.

5. Seize the opportunity

Take advantage of someone who is buying for good price or selling cheap stuff. This is to prevent having regrets and to make more maplestory mesos.

Knowing this tip, you can take advantage in the market and dominate the top spot in the FM and making a lot of maplestory mesos.

Knowing Class Category EXPLORERS and Get Your Maplestory Mesos Ready!


EXPLORERS maybe the “classic” class but they are still kicking for maplestory mesos earning

It’s wrong to think that if there are NEW classes you will deprive the first or classic class in-game. Being classic doesn’t mean that they are “weak” compare to the new class, but they are more “stable” than the new ones. Lastly, classic class doesn’t need to spend a lot of maplestory mesos for their equipments.



-they are like “novice” from Ragnarok Online


-they can save few maplestory mesos from having less taxi fee, no exp loss upon death and lots of respect/reputation



-have the highest Health Points

-big amount of attack points and defense

-higher chance of going solo run and earning maplestory mesos alone



-extreme damage against monsters but has LOW HP and Defense

-in-demand for Party quest, Boss Fight and hunting. They are not able to loot much maplestory mesos since they are away from the loots all the time.


-Long range attack, splash damage

-low HP and defense

-able to kill bosses at the early age that makes them more maplestory mesos



-Fast short range attackers

-less damage but able to make many attacks at a short period of time



-low attack damage but has high hit rate


Maplestory Mesos Earning Tips and Guides Here!

Being low level shouldn’t stop you from planning to earn more maplestory mesos.


How to earn maplestory mesos at the starting game?

At the beginning of your character’s adventure, you’ll be a “beginner” explorer; within that training period, you’ll be able to get maplestory mesos as well as few items that you can use as you level up.

Joining Events gives a lot of maplestory mesos. Aside for the fun part, special items are being given away and so as additional mesos.

Familiarizing with the group of classes before investing your time and maplestory mesos

There are several groups of classes in Maplestory; some are “godly” some are “classic” but when it comes to gameplay its different. There are group of classes that can be maplestory mesos saving and some requires you to spend a lot of maplestoy mesos. Just like with different MMO, they have several combat types which are melee, range, heal and magic.

Getting to your maplestory mesos EXPLORER class category

Before you get Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, or a Pirate; being a Beginner is required. The game requires one player to undergo Beginner first and will be able to get first job advancement after achieving level 8. Chance of getting maplestory mesos is would be difficult, since it’s hard for them to kill monsters.