New Maplestory 2 Teaser: New Adventure, Create More Maplestory Mesos

A new adventure awaits you; more maplestory mesos to come

Nexon has just released a new teaser for the upcoming sequel for Maplestory. In this Maplestory 2, a new exciting PVP (Player VS Player) introduces in this teaser. The animation, battle and character are somewhat good but in this teaser, they didn’t introduces the gameplay of maplestory 2. Well, regardless of that it is still good. Hope that in the next teaser, they will show more about maplestory 2 including gameplay, new content, character and show many ways of making maplestory mesos.


Prepare for new adventure, monsters and earn more maplestory mesos

For the preparation of Maplestory 2, Nexon released an exciting new trailer that showed some of their PVP (Player-VS-Player) actions. Even though there’s not any info about the gameplay in the trailer, the introduction of some character and actions is still good. But it is much better if they released a video about their gameplay. Moreover, to show how you can earn maplestory mesos in this new game of Maplestory.

Maplestory 2 is a 3D prequel for the Maplestory with an all new game mechanics, settings, monsters, area and more. The Beta tests are set to schedule on 2014. While players are planning to play the beta version next year, you will experience the gameplay and find out how you can earn maplestory mesos. Hoping the next maplestory is good and they better have a good game mechanics.


Maplestory Mesos from Crafting and Investing


Take advantage of fusing and crafting to make more maplestory mesos

Fusing and Crafting are two of the lists of professions used in the maplestory who can effectively make more maplestory mesos other than farming items.

Below are some tips for you to make more maplestory mesos by fusing and crafting:

1. Make sure you have knowledge on what class is OP (Overpowered) at the time you are crafting & fusing items. The overpowered classes make their stat be overpriced, so you can earn more maplestory mesos it for more than the other stats.

2. You need to research the prices of each item especially their stats. Different stats have different prices on each item. The higher the stat, the higher the maplestory mesos prices they have.

Do note that the maplestory mesos prices of each item are subject to change that depends on the flow in the market.

Investing is important in making maplestory mesos especially for the beginners

In merchanting, investing is the main key point in making maplestory mesos. Not everyone can be successful and sometimes using this method will cost you more than what you earn. Below are guides and tips to follow before merchanting and investing.

Know the prices of your selling

Knowing the prices of each items you buy or sells is important on making maplestory mesos. You can browse some items in the Free Market (FM), Basilmarket, or in Maple Trading System (MTS). Be sure to research what you want to sell.

Knowing where to buy your items

This requires you to buy certain items in the market and resell them in a higher price than the original price. Some items in the market can be cheap and it is good for making maplestory mesos. Buying all the cheap items and reselling them is one of the methods in making money. This is sometimes important.

[Guide] Fusing and Crafting for Fun and Maplestory Mesos (Part 3)


Crafting the Nimble Ring (2), extract and selling them for maplestory mesos

For this guide, we will now craft the nimble ring (2) and sell it for more maplestory mesos. For you to do this, first you need to become an accessory crafter. Once you’ve become one, follow the steps.

Nimble Ring (2) is a level 70 ring. To make one ring, you need one Adamantium plate and one Intermidiate abrasive. You need to buy a lot of this item in order to make lots of nimble ring. Once you crafted enough, find an extractor. Using extractor, you can extract all the rings. Every ring you extract will give you at least two or three intermediate item crystals. We’re going to use the crystals to make maplestory mesos. You can sell them for 70k to 80k. This method is good for beginners who want to earn money. Be sure to buy fatigue potions. You need them when doing this method.

Getting the intermediate item crystal from basic crystals and making more maplestory mesos

Another way to make maplestory mesos especially for the beginners is using the basic crystal and turns them into intermediate item crystal. You need the profession of Alchemist and Accessory Crafter.

First you need to buy level 5 hats (you could buy them from Henesys shop) as much as you can and find someone to extract them into basic crystals. Once you have a lot of basic crystals, if you’re profession is an accessory crafter, use the crystals to make level 60 shoes. After you used up all the basic crystals and obtained lot of shoes, extract them to obtain intermediate item crystal. Sell those intermediate item crystals in the Free Market to gain maplestory mesos.

This type of method has no risk and doesn’t have a lot of investments. This is recommended for those who are just started making maplestory mesos.

[Guide] Fusing and Crafting for Fun and Maplestory Mesos (Part 2)


Crafting and fusing belts to make maplestory mesos

Just like in the last post, we are still using alchemy and accessory crafting and use that to make more maplestory mesos by selling them in the Free Market. Remember that you need at least 5m mesos.


In order to make belts, you need to become accessory crafter. In order to make belts, you need to buy the steel ores from the shop. Next is make steel plates from steel ores. Once you have enough steel plates, you can start making belts using the steel plates. Once you have enough belts, reveal each of their potentials. If they have no potential or you obtain bad potential, you can fuse them together to gain a newer belts. After you’re done in crafting and fusing belts, start making maplestory mesos by selling them in the Free Market.

Be sure to keep updated on the next part. Don’t stop making maplestory mesos and become rich like the others.

Crafting and fusing earrings; making maplestory mesos

In this guide, we will craft earring and use it to make more maplestory mesos. Unlike in the last post, you need at least 20m mesos as your investment. Although it is rather risky and costly, you can still make a good profit and take less time to make more money.


Start crafting earrings by buying Intermediate Item Crystals from Free Market. Be sure to buy as much as you can. After that head to the Ardentmill CH1. From there, you can start crafting earrings until your inventory is full. Reveal the potentials of each earrings and save them in your inventory. If you have some bad potentials, fuse them together to other bad potential. If there is no potential, extract them with one of those extractors. This should give you more intermediate item crystals and use them to craft more earrings. Once you’re all done and satisfied, sell those earrings in the Free Market and start making more maplestory mesos.

[Guide] Making Small Maplestory Mesos for Beginners


Making maplestory mesos for the beginners

Though there are a lot of ways to make maplestory mesos. As a beginner you still need to make small money before going to the big ones. Here are some of ways to make mesos.


Attending and joining the events can give you a lot of maplestory mesos. If you are a beginner and just happen that there is an event ongoing, you can earn more than 100m in just a few days. Be sure to join the events.

Selling Spots in the Free Market

In the Free Market, players tend to compete against for the spot in the Free Market, especially if it’s a good spot, they can earn more maplestory mesos. You can sell spots if you have a permit in your inventory. Although it is not recommended because it is a bit boring using this method.

Looting Drops

While you are grinding your level, be sure to loot all the drops whenever you killed a monster. That loot can be sold in the npc store. Even though you can earn little maplestory mesos, it is still better while you’re still a beginner.

Make use of the professions and make more maplestory mesos

Professions are important when making maplestory mesos. This also allows you to mine, create potions, fuse items, and make fashion equipments, craft accessories and many more.

In the past, there is one ability called Maker skill, this is the only skill that allow players to make their own weapons and armors. Thanks to the update called “Chaos Update: Age of Artisans”, profession system replaced the “Maker Skill”. Due to this, many players have more ways to make maplestory mesos.

Below are the lists of professions:

  • Herbalism
  • Mining
  • Alchemy
  • Smithing
  • Accessory Crafting

Once the character reaches level 30, they may talk to Grand in the Ardentmill where you can choose your professions. Players can choose up to two professions. This can be unlearnt at any time but if you choose to relearn it, the level earned will be reset. So choose carefully on what type of professions you want. The higher the level of your profession the greater item you can make and earn more maplestory mesos.