Making Maplestory Mesos with Chain Quests and Boss Items


Time to start the quest and make lots of maplestory mesos

This method of making maplestory mesos can be tedious and difficult but it is worth it because you only do this once a day and once you finished it, you can buy items from Alcaster and sell them in the Free Market in a much higher price than the original price. This will require you to have enough maplestory mesos for at least 5m. Below is the step by step procedure:

  1. Go and talk to Alcaster in El nath.
  2. Activate 31 chain quests “In Search of the Book of Ancient”.
  3. Follow the instruction on the quest.
  4. Activate and complete the quest “Alcaster and the Star Rock”.
  5. Buy Holy Water, All Cure Potions, Summoning Rocks and Magic Rocks. These are the items you can sell in the Free Market.

If you have more than enough maplestory mesos, buy as many as you can and as much as you can sell. The Prices may increase due to inflation you need to be updated to the prices in the market.

Other ways to make maplestory mesos

There are many ways to make maplestory mesos. In this guide, we will list some of the items and bosses that have potential to make lots of mesos. Some of them usually require a lot of effort.

1. Chaos Scroll Hunting

This is a very common way in making maplestory mesos. Even though this is a rare scroll, it is still a good item that may help you produce more money. The scroll is commonly found at Zombie mushroom, Cold Eyes, and DrumBunnies. Though don’t expect you will find it immediately.

2. Fighting certain bosses

There are a lot of bosses in the maplestory, including the strong ones. Not only does give a lot of XP, but also gives drops that you can sell in the market to make maplestory mesos.

3. Leeching

Using Bishops and A/M mages are good for leeching. By leeching, you can make lots of maplestory mesos in just one hour.

There are still other ways to make maplestory mesos, but the most effective way is by merchanting. Selling items from drops or by buy/sell method in the Free Market can make you rich.