New and Comeback MapleStory Items: Sengoku High, Black Bean Boss and Armor Box

The world’s most famous side scrolling game have sengoku high back this summer! Oda Nobunaga is looking for brave warriors to defeat the each class’ doppelganger. Heroic adventurers who can finish Oda Nobunaga’s test will acquire awesome rewards!

Black Bean Boss will be on the beach until June 23! Maplestory players may play with the black creature, and may get cool items.

Additionally, Maplestory is celebrating its 10th anniversary through featuring 10th anniversary box.


MapleStory Items Comeback: Sengoku High

The sengoku high quest can only be taken one time per day. In order start the quest, talk to boss kumi, who located in most cities and she’ll give you 1 free Sengoku class one day pass. A player must be level 13 or above to start the quest.

After acquiring the ticket and accepting the quest ‘Red Leaf High: The Sengoku’ing. Players will be asked to slay 300 monsters in their level range. Afterwards, the player will be transported to a classroom and beat a doppelganger of one of the classes, which drops oda coins. These coins are used to purchase items from the four pillars of heaven. The average coins a player can get is 45-55 each run, if lucky, monsters may drop 60-70 oda coins per run. Additionally, if you’re rich, you can purchase a ticket from the cash shop for additional runs per day. The items being sold from four pillars of heaven are totems that give +24 str/dex/int/luk and 8 Matt. Totems are expensive. It costs 1,000 oda coins. Other rewards include School bag, Onmyouji effect coupons, Kohai Medal and Senpai medal.

MapleStory Items Update: Black Bean Boss

The black bean boss, also known as the black creature is now available to play with this summer! A player must be level 70 or above to play or fight with black bean. The user must be in a party to enter the habitat of black bean. Black bean can only be beaten 5 times per day. Challenge doesn’t exist for players 120-180. Black bean will be in mercy to players 120 or above.

MapleStory Items Update: 10th Anniversary Armor Box

To celebrate maplestory’s 10th anniversary or maplestory last moments due to soon to be released maplestory 2. They are giving a chance of obtaining a 10th anniversary box each time a monster is killed. This event will last until June 24. Before the release of maplestory 2, collect this 10th anniversary armor and get maplestory items from boxes for no reason, if you are planning to transfer to maplestory 2.

Back to School, Back to Getting MapleStory Mesos in Red Leaf High

It’s time to send your MapleStory Mesos hunter back to school Sengoku Style! MapleStory is bringing back Red Leaf High and Maplers can have their character earn mesos and MapleStory items in it. Players can earn Totems, stat boosting items and special medals!


Sending you MapleStory Mesos hunter back to school

From November 19 to December 2, Maplers can send their characters back to Red Leaf High. This solo mini-dungeon is open to characters at level 13 and above. Note that players can only enter the dungeon for free, once a day. Succeeding entries will require a Sengoku Class Supplementary Pass available in the Cash Shop for 400 NX.

Once inside, players will need to get as far into the school before time runs out. Each room will present the player with a challenge to overcome. Get past it and get through all the room to face the boss of the mini-dungeon, Mori Ranmaru.

Totems for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Maplers can collect Totems through the Red Leaf High mini-dungeon. There are three Totems, namely Sanada Yukimura Totem, Honda Tadakatsu Totem and Uesugi Kenshin Totem. Each one can be equipped and will give your character stat bonuses. Collect all three and you can get the Warring States Manifesto skill from Oda Nobunaga. This skill will summon the Sengoku generals to attack your opponents.

More items for your MapleStory Mesos hunter

Clearing rooms in Red Leaf High awards Maplers with Oda Coins. These can then be exchanged at the Coin Shop for items. Players can get School Bags for 100 Oda Coins each. They give out random rewards including Gold Bonus Potential Stamps, and Dark Onmyouji Effect Coupons. The coins can also be used to purchase other items. Kimono Boxes go for 200 Oda Coins while Kouhai Medals and Senpadi Medals sell for 300 and 600 Oda Coins respectively.