MapleStory Mesos – Vast World

Maplestory mesos is meaningless in the official server. People buy mesos here and there.

The vast world of maplestory is both an advantage and disadvantage for its players. It is so vast that players are addicted to explore the world and at the same time it is so vast that new players are overwhelmed to even play the game from scratch as they might think that this game would take years to understand.

Now that maplestory is explored by its players, tons of guides are all over the internet which makes the vast world accessible to anyone who is going to start their adventure in the maple world. However, what excitement does this vast world offers when all stuff are already revealed, information are waiting to be checked. Don’t check the web? That is ridiculous!

MapleStory Mesos – the Market

The market is even bigger than the world of maplestory. It is where everything revolves around.

If you want to become businessman, play at the main server of runescape. It is going to teach all about business, not the world of maplestory. If you want to learn about maplestory itself, play in the reboot server where trading stuff are not allowed, for immersing experience in the maple world.

The thing about the official server is, it is very old that it might die any second now. It is world where the market is the world of players not the maples world itself.

Official Server

The official server, at its early days, is one of the best MMORPG community of all time. However, as time proceeds, the market starts to take over the adventure of players, making it the center of everything, forgetting the existence of the maple world.

Try playing in the official server as new player. You will see that the world is almost dead as majority of players dwell in the market.

Reboot Server

Reboot server features pure adventure. The trading factor is disabled so that the market would not interfere with the adventure of players.