MapleStory Mesos – World Tour

Let’s stop thinking about maplestory mesos and people who buy mesos. There is a world tour going on with Mr. Lee!

World tour is visiting all the countries that are visible in the world map. It is not just Singapore, Spain and Unites States.

Anyway, if you are a solid fan of maplestory and you are living in Spain, this would be an honor as Nexon noticed your country.

The world tour started last June 2, 2016 and will end on June 20, 2016. It is not too late to join this so called “world tour” featuring only 3 countries.

I am not bitter just because my country is not included in this world tour.

MapleStory Mesos – Singapore


In Singapore, you can city run where tons of weeds dropping and you have to pick it up because you need weeds as a reason to live in this cruel world.

Here is one thing: Singapore is known for their cleanliness. There is no way that Singaporeans are going to plant a tree that will drop filthy leaves around. In fact, if they found out that this specific tree makes their country dirty, trust me, they are going to chop that tree’s ass.

The mechanics of this mini-game is simple. You just have to press space bar at the right time and catch the falling leaves for more points!



Spain is more realistic. This country features Bull fighting which is the signature of Spain.

In bull fighting, players have to get as much as red bull, while the main problem is avoiding and running away from yellow and black bulls as they have tons of health points. Each bull you kill will drop beef which restores your health and allowed to stay in the bull fighting.

United States


Way back in your father and mother’s years, Pinball in America was one of the biggest games. Take it as like the maplestory of your father and mother.

In pinball, you are the ball. The goal is to not fall and get as many points as you can.