MapleStory Mesos – July Update

With the new update, players are potential to accumulate tons of maplestory mesos and some new folks will start to buy mesos.

Finally, maplestory is getting mouthful of updates after rained down by tons of maintenance. In this new update, there will be a featured new class, new content, events, double experience points during week end and more!

It has been a while since maplestory announced something that will entice its players. All they announced recently in their news hub are scheduled maintenance. It is more like maintenance diary than a news hub.

The featured update of July is the new class “blaster.” And this class goes with the story that the folk who will be able to help the heroes to defeat a certain bad guy.

MapleStory Mesos – Blaster Overview

The blaster class is heavily equipped with area of effect damaging skill that would destroy everything in the character’s sight.

His equipment is a two handed arm cannon and explosive charge as secondary.

The blaster class is considered as a warrior class.

According to developers the mobility of blaster is medium which is neither slow nor fast. As a warrior type class the blaster has tremendous amount of HP and a low MP pool.

Act 3: Unfamiliar World

Journey to the unfamiliar world alone or with friends with the level requirement of level 33; however, the recommended level is 120. If you are below the recommended level and insist to enter, you may do so but it is not going to be a war in the unfamiliar world, but a massacre.

Upon clearing Act 3 once, the player is rewarded with 7000 honor experience and Mercedes Cube Chair (untradeable). And there will be more rewards upon completing Act 3 twice.


Is it mouthful? Nobody think so. This update is going to be completed by dedicated players.

In conclusion, this update is insufficient. Developers should release more contents that would entice the mapleworld. A character with smoke exhaust in hand won’t do.

An Update of Ice and Fire for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

Update 163 – FIREPOWER is here and with it comes a massive event that will help low level MapleStory Mesos hunters. Earn levels quickly as Burning Characters. Help your frosty friends and earn items, mesos, and FIREPOWER coins. Use the latter to obtain special equipment to help hunt boars, various monsters and more for even more loot.


A Game of MapleStory Mesos

The Agents of FIREPOWER event will run from July 8 to September 1. During this event players will be split between two types of agents: Icy Agents chilled by the winds of winter, and Hot Agents as fiery as dragon’s breath. Players will be sorted depending on their active time. Those who played before June 1, 2015 and those joining after July 8, 2015, will become Icy Agents. All others are Hot Agents. Icy Agents will get a 30 Day Frozen Hat Coupon and a title appropriate to their status. Meanwhile, Hot Agents get the Hot Agent Title and White Hot Energy.

A Dance with MapleStory Mesos hunters

While all men must die, Icy and Hot Agents do not need to kill each other. Instead, they are rewarded for being allies. Since Icy Agents will know nothing of the game due to their absence or being new, Hot Agents are encouraged to work with them. Through the Bestie Hunt event, friending an agent of the opposite type than you are will give you special rewards. They will be given 20 FIREPOWER Coins and will have a Bestie Effect when in close proximity.

Winter is coming so it is important for Icy Agents to work together. During the event, Maplers will get an EXP bonus the more Icy Agents there are in the party. The bonus ranges from 5% bonus for a single Icy Agent, up to 20% for having four and more.

A Storm of Coins and MapleStory Mesos

During the event, players will get FIREPOWER Coins, these can then be traded for items. From July 8 to September 9, Agent Chillson will be in the Event Hall to trade your coins for items. You can get Job Advancement Coins, Maple Teleport Rocks, mounts, skins, your own iron throne and other chairs. Be sure to speak with Agent Chillson to see a full list of items and their prices.

Summer has come for MapleStory Mesos Hunters in Update 162

The month of May is nearly done and so is the 10th Anniversary celebration. This doesn’t mean the fun stops however. Update 162 for MapleStory has been released and it contained fixes and events for those who hunt MapleStory Mesos and items. We’ll cover some of these changes and events in today’s article.


More experience for MapleStory Mesos hunters

Update 162 for MapleStory does away with the level restrictions for 2x EXP coupons. After the update, Maplers can buy 2x EXP coupons for their characters regardless of level. Aside from the restriction removal, the update introduced changes to the interface. Primarily to the experience related notifications. For example, notifications will now appear when there is an event that increases EXP and Drop rates. Once these events start, a slide notice will appear in the game. The Quest notifier menu will also now have an EXP and Drop rate icon to indicate the increase in rates. Finally, while player, Maplers will see a notification image every five miutes.

Flower festival for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From May 20 to June 2, Maplers can help Cassandra in the Spring Flower Festival event. In this event, players will need to hunt monsters around their level. The mobs will then drop spring items that can be handed over to Cassandra. Give her enough spring items and she will give you a flower. This can be an Azalea, Forsythia or a Clover.

The flowers have no use by themselves; however gather three of the same kind and you can get stickers. The latter can be exchange for the flowers through various NPCs in the game. There are three sticker types, one for each kind of flower. Azalea Stickers improve strength and dexterity by two, while Forsythia Stickers improve dexterity and luck by two. Lastly Clover Stickers boost luck and intelligence by two. All stickers last for a day and are untradeable.

Free gifts for your MapleStory Mesos hunters

Maplers can get free items through the [Lucky 3!3!3!] Daily Gifts event. During the event period, players will receive three gifts each day from the Maple Admin. As such, players need to have three slots available in their Use inventory. The three items are, Fresh Strawberry Juice (10), 1.3x EXP Coupon and Lucky 3!3!3! Event Teleport Rock.

Celebrate St. Patricks Day with Items for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

St. Patrick’s day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and wear green anymore. Thanks to the recent update to the Cash Shop, MapleStory Mesos hunters can get St. Patrick’s Day themed styles, Resistance cover equips and new royal styles. Check out what on sale in this guide.


Green styles for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From March 11 to March 17, Maplers can get St. Patrick’s Day Surprise Style Box from the MapleStory Cash Shop. The boxes sell for 3,400 NX a piece while a bundle of eleven sells for 34,000 NX. Each box randomly gives out a permanent piece of equipment with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Note that there are around 60 different  items that can be obtained from the box. Some of these include Iris Psyche, Green Ribbon Hairband, Olive Beanie, Vintage Hoodie Jacket, and various other green articles of clothing for your character. Three different Green Rings are also available. Interested players can get the box from the Limited Time Specials category under the Special Promotions part of the Cash Shop Page.

Resistance covers for MapleStory Mesos hunters

If wearing green is not your thing, then check out the Resistance themed Permanent Equipment Covers. These are perfect if you are planning to join the Black Heaven Saga. From March 11 to March 17, these covers will be available in the Limited Time Specials category of the Cash Shop. Players can get a full set of Battle Mage equipment covers from the Battle Mage Outfit Box for 13,080 NX. If you prefer to look like a Wild Hunter, the Wild Hunter Outfit Box retails for 11,040 NX.  Lastly, the Mech Pilot Outfit Box goes for 11,040 NX for Maplers who like to play with robots.

To complete your equipment cover, Battle Mage Staff, Wild Hunter Crossbow and The Jackal weapon covers are also available. These covers sell for 5,000 NX each.

Hunt MapleStory Mesos with new Royal Styles

The most recent update added new Royal Styles for Maplers to wear or add to their collection. From March 11 to March 24, players can get a Royal Face or Royal Hair coupon for just 3,300 NX. The new update adds Samurai Ponytail, Sharp Cut, Roly Poly Hair, and Scarf Hair. You can check out the other styles available here.

MapleStory Mesos Fans! It’s Time to Join the Cadet Corps!

MapleStory is giving anime fans another treat with another Maple World cross-up with anime. This time Maplers get to experience the world of Attack on Titan in-game. To be launched on January 21, players can get exclusive MapleStory items and mesos through special themed content.


MapleStory Mesos from a new world

Starting January 21, Maplers can enter the world of Attack on Titan to embark on an epic adventure. The portal that links the Maple World to this dangerous world however is only accessible to characters level 30 and above. Once inside, Maplers must use special Coins to play through the themed content.

Events and quests in the world of Attack of Titan will have players battle the fearsome creatures alongside familiar faces. Enlist in the Cadet Corps and take on the Titans with Eren, Mikasa and Annie by your side.

Wir Sind Die MapleStory Mesos Jager

Maplers are certainly not prey and players can prove this in a series of quests and challenges. Players can head to the top of Wall Rose to fend off the Titan invasion. Equip your very own omni-directional mobility gear and show the Colossal Titan just how the real hunters are.

Exclusive items for MapleStory Mesos hunters

While being able to experience the world of Attack of Titan with your own characters is a reward in itself, there are many items that await brave Maplers. Finishing quests and winning the challenges will reward players with MapleStory Mesos and exclusive items. These include specially themed medals, totems and more.

The MapleStory Cash Shop will also have exclusive Attack on Titan inspired items. Players can buy covers and styles that will make them official members of the Cadet Corps, complete with their own omni-directional mobility gear. You can even make your character look like Eren, Mikasa, Armin or Levi. There will also be chairs and accessories all Attack on Titan themed!