New and Comeback MapleStory Items: Sengoku High, Black Bean Boss and Armor Box

The world’s most famous side scrolling game have sengoku high back this summer! Oda Nobunaga is looking for brave warriors to defeat the each class’ doppelganger. Heroic adventurers who can finish Oda Nobunaga’s test will acquire awesome rewards!

Black Bean Boss will be on the beach until June 23! Maplestory players may play with the black creature, and may get cool items.

Additionally, Maplestory is celebrating its 10th anniversary through featuring 10th anniversary box.


MapleStory Items Comeback: Sengoku High

The sengoku high quest can only be taken one time per day. In order start the quest, talk to boss kumi, who located in most cities and she’ll give you 1 free Sengoku class one day pass. A player must be level 13 or above to start the quest.

After acquiring the ticket and accepting the quest ‘Red Leaf High: The Sengoku’ing. Players will be asked to slay 300 monsters in their level range. Afterwards, the player will be transported to a classroom and beat a doppelganger of one of the classes, which drops oda coins. These coins are used to purchase items from the four pillars of heaven. The average coins a player can get is 45-55 each run, if lucky, monsters may drop 60-70 oda coins per run. Additionally, if you’re rich, you can purchase a ticket from the cash shop for additional runs per day. The items being sold from four pillars of heaven are totems that give +24 str/dex/int/luk and 8 Matt. Totems are expensive. It costs 1,000 oda coins. Other rewards include School bag, Onmyouji effect coupons, Kohai Medal and Senpai medal.

MapleStory Items Update: Black Bean Boss

The black bean boss, also known as the black creature is now available to play with this summer! A player must be level 70 or above to play or fight with black bean. The user must be in a party to enter the habitat of black bean. Black bean can only be beaten 5 times per day. Challenge doesn’t exist for players 120-180. Black bean will be in mercy to players 120 or above.

MapleStory Items Update: 10th Anniversary Armor Box

To celebrate maplestory’s 10th anniversary or maplestory last moments due to soon to be released maplestory 2. They are giving a chance of obtaining a 10th anniversary box each time a monster is killed. This event will last until June 24. Before the release of maplestory 2, collect this 10th anniversary armor and get maplestory items from boxes for no reason, if you are planning to transfer to maplestory 2.

New Shining Star Update for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

MapleStory Mesos hunters are getting a new update! The Shining Star update for MapleStory adds new MapleStory items, as well as new ways to enhance equipment. The latter will help Maplers improve their gear more easily. Twenty-one different classes will also get skill updates.


Enhancement with MapleStory Mesos

Players will notice streaks of light racing across the sky in the Shining Star update. As the stars fall and make enemies stronger, so does it improve player equipment. The Shining Star update adds the Star Force Enchancement system. This new system allows players to upgrade equipment using MapleStory Mesos. There is one catch however. Only items that have completed their scroll enhancements can be upgraded this way. The goal of the new system is to give Maplers an alternative way to upgrade their gear. Note that the maximum enhancement levels of items have also been adjusted to accommodate this new feature.

Tweaking MapleStory Mesos hunters

Continuing the game’s recent revamp of various classes, the new update will tweak twenty-one different classes. The skill adjustments will vary from cooldown time modification and damage increases to general skill behavior changes. The changes intend to improve gameplay for Maplers.

The amount of skill points given when a character reached his or her 4th job has also been changed. After the Shining Star update, classes reaching the 4th job will only have 255 skill points. Note that master level on certain skills will be adjusted to reflect the change.

New items to hunt MapleStory Mesos with

Along with the Shining Star update are equipment for your MapleStory Mesos hunter. Maplers can now get Lv. 120 Eclectic armor, Lv. 120 Briser weapons, Lv. 110 Zakum’s Poisonic Weapons, Lv. 130 Royal Von Leon equips and more. Accessories like the Lv. 140 Golden Clover Belt and Lv. 100 Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory have been added. Additionally, collecting whole sets of armor will give characters new set effects.

MapleStory Mesos Hunters’ Uniforms and Scrolls for School

Another update for the MapleStory Cash Shop adds specials scrolls for hunters of MapleStory Mesos. Players can also buy Permanent Equipment Covers at a discounted price. These MapleStory items however are only available for a limited time. Make sure to top up your account and get them while they’re available!


School Uniforms for MapleStory Mesos hunters

From September 3 to September 9 in the Special Promotions section of the Cash Shop, Permanent Equipment Covers will be on sale. Deck out your characters in school themed equipment covers while hunting mesos and items. Old School Blazers and Uniform Tops for both genders sell for 4,000 NX each. Meanwhile, Old School Uniform Pants and Skirts go for just 3,600 NX. Different colored Landcell packs are also available for only 4,000 NX. For a full list of equipment covers make sure to check the official announcement page.

Hunt MapleStory Mesos with special scrolls

Upgrading equipment in MapleStory can cost a lot of mesos. Every scroll failure can make a player lose hundreds, if not thousands of mesos in an instant. The Cash Shop however has special scrolls to help players prevent these devastating loses. Shielding Wards are now available to protect an item from being destroyed by a failed scroll for 5,500 NX. Shield Scrolls for 2,800NX can also be bought to prevent the upgrade count of an item from dropping on failure. Other scrolls are also available including a Return Scroll for 5,520 NX. This scroll allows players to undo the effects of scrolls used after it.

Scrolls for your MapleStory Mesos hunter’s pet

Upgrades are not limited to just your character’s equipment; even your pet’s gear can be improved. For this Special Pet Scrolls can also be bought. For 2,400 NX, pet owners can get a Pet Guardian Scroll Coupon to save a scroll in case it fails. Pet Safety Scroll Coupons and Pet Lucky Day Scroll Coupons can also be purchased for 2,800 NX and 1,000 NX respectively.

Maple Leaf High Keys & Styles for MapleStory Mesos Hunters

MapleStory’s Cash Shop has a new update that can help players hunt more items and mesos in the game. Players can also buy all new Royal Styles to customize their characters. Finally, those who are feeling lucky can test fate with the new Gachapon Update that adds new items.


More keys for more MapleStory Mesos

Players farming MapleStory Mesos and MapleStory items in the Maple Leaf High event will be able to get even more mesos and items. This is thanks to Maple Leaf High Special Class Keys for sale in the Cash Shop. The keys sell for 400 NX a piece or at 4,000 NX for a bundle of 11. With keys in hand, characters will be able to enter Maple Leaf High through the Eastern gate. The keys will be up for sale from August 13 up to August 26.

Customizing your MapleStory Mesos hunter

From August 13 to August 26, players can buy Royal Hair Coupons as well as Royal Face Coupons that they can use to customize the looks of their characters. Available in the Cash Shop for 3,300 NX each, players who bought the coupons can use them with NPC Big Headward and NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys. Styles available to characters include, but are not limited to: Eclipse Hair, Iris Hair, Tess Face and Olivia Face.

Random rewards for your MapleStory Mesos collector

Players who like to test their luck can do so as The Great Gachapierrot has updated his collection of items. New chairs and flying mounts are up for grabs. Players can try their luck by buying Gachapon tickets from the Cash Shop. Each ticket goes for 1,000 NX while a bundle of 11 sells for 10,000 NX. For a large discount, 35 tickets can be bought for only 30,000 NX. Remote Gachapon Tickets are also available for 1,050 NX, 10,500 NX and 31,500 NX for single, 11, and 35 pieces respectively.

MapleStory Mesos Get New Content in Update 152

MapleStory’s newest update has gone live. Update 152, Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple, adds new content for players to enjoy. Collectors of MapleStory items can journey back to the Sengoku Era and explore Kanna, Hayato, and Ayame’s stories. A new area has been discovered near Leafre and players are invited to adventure in it. New events and a revamped Jett class is here for players to try.


Collecting MapleStory Mesos from the past

Take a trip back in time in Mark of Honor’s new dungeon. The Hieizan temple is a new dungeon set in the Sengoku Era. Players will be able to explore the temple and see how Kanna, Hayato and Ayame were before they set foot in the Maple World. Aside from the backstory, characters will be able to to use the special skills of these heroes during this time period. As part of the Hieizan Temple content update, players can take on the Princess No Expedition. This quest will reward successful players with a special Jewel Box. The box contains level 140 secondary weapon equipment and various rewards.

Exploring Kritias for MapleStory Mesos

Update 152 adds a new area for high level players. The new Kritias are is a amysterious kingdom located near Leafre. In it, players will be able to hunt challenging Commanders and their minions. Vanquishing the foes will reward adventurers with Kritias Points and Kritias Coins. This special currency can then be used to get level 150 earrings, gloves, and shoulder equipment. The new area will also feature daily quests, Invasion events and chances to get damage skins, mounts and other rewards.

Hunting MapleStory Mesos with Jett Reborn

If you play as Jett in the game then the Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple update has something for you. The update introduces a revamped Jett class. New skills have been added to this hero as well as an increase in HP. Jett players also gets a new secondary weapon to fight monster with. Finally, the intro has been expanded to give players a better look at his backstory.